Memories… Misty Water-Colored Memories of Arizona

I wrote this in 2011 and Arizona Highways published it on their website. I wanted to share it again.

Arizona Highways

You never know what’ll pop up when you plug in “Arizona Highways” in Google… in this case, a blog post by Vicki Goodwin was the winning hit. Ms. Goodwin wrote about her grandmother’s stack of Arizona Highways that sat on her coffee table, and the pictures each issue painted in her mind about this far away place…  you see, Ms. Goodwin lived in Alabama.

I think we said it best in our August 2011, Best of AZ, issue: “People like to complain. About their jobs, their neighbors, their lot in life. People like to complain about Arizona, too. It’s too hot, it’s too dry, it’s too this, it’s too that. Admittedly, Arizona isn’t perfect — no place is. Nevertheless, there’s a lot that’s right with Arizona”

Thank you Ms. Goodwin for sharing your memories.

Revisiting the Arizona Highways

My grandmother, Mama Kate, always had copies of the magazine Arizona…

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