August Wrap Up: Spreadsheets, Excuses, Ideas, and Missteps

September 1, 2016:

Autumn is in sight and great things are on the horizon. Today is my sister’s birthday! Happy birthday, Cheryl – Anne!

But today, to get September started with a bang,  I’m going to celebrate several August events. The final tally for word count in August was  68,381. that is about 15,000  off of July’s word count.

Excuses, I have excuses:

There are reasons for that. First point, no NaNoWriMo to encourage me to race like the wind over my keyboard. Secondly,  I focused on the publishing of The Path of the Child. That took the first 5 days away from writing.

From August first until the 5th I worked on getting the files ready for uploading and getting the cover down to the perfect pixel. The Publishers are sticklers on the pixels and the DPI. What a huge headache that was. The lovely cover was causing me to lose sleep and pull my hair out, metaphorically speaking. How can you pull your hair out when you are busy sizing, resizing, and adjusting images on two screens.  I tell you, I am not bald, only because I  was too busy with the DPI and those rascally pixels.

I did some major rewriting on The shepherds of Donaldson Park,  and I finally began drafting, The Path to the Past, on August 15th. Oh yes, I am full speed ahead and 16 days left in August to grow that word count.

It occurred to me, on August 17th,  I needed to get my ebook editions ready to release on Smashwords, September 10th. That only took me fumbling around with the files for about a week before calling for the able assistance of my genius friend, J.

Missteps, I have missteps:

By the 22nd I was ready to upload to Smashwords. So I began, upload, wait, change the ISBN, upload, wait, change my username on Smashwords, upload,  wait, finally on the 26th, I received word that the book was in the catalog and officially listed as a pre-order. It only took four days. That freed me up to write, or so you would think.

Ideas, I have ideas:

On the 27th, I decided to get all my review books and requests organized in one nice file so I would have it perfectly in place.  A place for everything and everything in its place, except for those reviews that I had not given a specific deadline.

You know what that means? Yes,those  little lost to be reviewed sheep were going to have to be rounded up and herded onto the new file.

Sheep rounded up, corralled, read, reviewed, and posted. Still with four days left in the month. My reviews do not even show in my groovy spreadsheet which is color coded and in a nice fat bar graph.

Spreadsheets, I have spreadsheets:

Dare I made another spreadsheet to log my reviews?  I dare not! With that decision made, I have nothing left to say but, ta-dah!  Here is my final tally for the month of August.

August 2016 totals

Hello, September!

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