New Review on Goodreads for The Path of the Child.

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The Path of the Child by Sojourner McConnell

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The Path of the Child
by Sojourner McConnell (Goodreads Author)


Dean Paul Baker‘s review

Sep 05, 2016
it was amazing
Read from August 28 to September 04, 2016

Path of the Child is almost equal parts heart rending and heart warming. Our heroine 17 year old Melanie, is an instantly identifiable and sympathetic character, and on reading her plight, you cannot fail to root for her. From the first pages you’ll be sucked into a truly engaging story.
I’d hesitate to try and pigeon-hole the story too narrowly, it definitely has Young-Adult themes and will appeal to teens, but it also has a maturity of prose and subtlety of plot that will hold the interest of older readers.
With the subject matter, the book could easily have descended into a misery-fest in the hands of a lesser writer. So what impressed me most about the book was that the family back story was really well described. Often you only get one dimensional characters in stories like this ie irrational wicked step-mother etc etc. But the author really went to a great deal of effort, without hampering the pace of the story, to explain the motivations of the characters and why they behave as they do. As we find, everyone has their own troubles.
The plot moves along nicely and resolves satisfactorily with bitter-sweet realism. I can see this book appealing to a wide audience, young Adult but also grownups who appreciate a good story with interesting characters. It’s not normally the kind of book I’d read but it hooked me in easily.




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