Funny Moments from the Beta Reading Process

When I started writing this latest book, The Shepherds of Donalds Park, I knew who two of my main characters were going to be.  They were going to be based on my own adorable and hilarious Australian shepherds. That made my job a little easier. I mean I had the prototypes sitting beside me, right?

Happy B and A

You would think so, but the funniest part of having people read the story  has been that the beta readers believe I write using made-up words.  I do not claim to have invented these words, I am blaming my grandmother, Mama Kate. I know I heard her tell me, “Don’t make a cake of yourself.” Yet, every beta readers so far questioned this term. After much Googling with no success, I might add,  I have removed it and decided, this was a make-believe term for acting foolish. Now I just call the silly dog, foolish. Making a cake of herself actually made me laugh more, but I am rather easy to start snickering at odd sayings.

This one phrase made me question some of the more adorable colorful words and phrases my grandmother said. I am now wondering if an A-Ankle is really a rear end.  She always said, “Be careful you are going to fall and bust your a-ankle.”

This makes me wonder if she made them up or if my Great grandmother Mama McConnell, was  in fact, the initiator of these odd terms.  I never saw my 103-year-old great-grandmother as comedic. Well, not as comedic as my grandmother. I want  to defend her little MamaKateisms, yet, in a majority rules frame of mind, I will remove the sayings and replace them with time-honored euphemisms.

Do you know any odd little sayings that Google has never heard of? I obviously will try to sneak them in if my Beta readers will allow. Let me know in comments.

22 thoughts on “Funny Moments from the Beta Reading Process

      1. lol you’re welcome. I don’t know many popular phrasing but from my experience, people love reading books and watching movies that have their cool and new phrases. Like the phrase of “Oh my god” can be replaced with “Oh my stars” “oh pumpkin juice” or something. I really liked your phrase about cake. Made me laugh.

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      2. That makes me happy, because that is the point of the book 🙂 I hope it has plenty of laughs. You are right about the alternative phrasing. It is staying 🙂 I just needed a little coaxing, didn’t I?

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      3. PS: Thanks for subscribing in that pop-up. I took the pop-up off because there was a problem with mailchimp. I created a subscription page for my site to make up for that. I will send you your short story on Saturday. The cover is late… ^_^

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    1. It is back in there 🙂 I just needed some courage! 🙂 Thank you for your sweet courage boost! My boss in Arizona told me I speak in Vickiese. LOL I think I will let them speak for themselves and for the pups. I am getting so excited. I have mail for you to go out Friday! 🙂

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  1. Don’t make a cake of yourself!? Lol, actually books are sometimes great because a new word or phrase is created. As long as we understand what it means it’s quite original to have them in and might be better kept :). Think about how many books have introduced new phrases to our vocabulary. One day everyone could be saying ‘don’t make a cake of yourself’ lol 😀 ❤

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