Struggling with Cover Concept

How is it that I can write a book, rewrite it and make it 30% longer and more in-depth, yet I can’t come to grips with my cover art. I want it to capture the essence of my book. I do not want it to look like a dog and pony story. I want it to look like what it is. A romantic comedy that happens to share the love of dogs and working with horses.

After three months of thinking, pondering, searching through pictures, I am no closer to deciding on my cover.  Is it always so hard? Was I just blessed with the concept for my first book so easily? It came to my mind and I knew exactly what I wanted to show on the cover. This time, not so much.

Oh! This struggle is real. It is almost painful. My brain hurts and it is making me unable to focus on the other two books I have in progress.

Any helpful tips from others that have faced a similar dilemma?

I need a gif of a person pulling out their hair right here.  Instead, I will simply post this along with a picture of my pups that might be on the cover if it didn’t make it look like it is just a dog story, when in my mind, it is so much more.

My goodness, aren’t they pretty! 

Now, I’ll bet, everyone can see why I ended up with such a bland cover on my first book before I reissued it. Help a girl out in the comments below, please?


7 thoughts on “Struggling with Cover Concept

  1. I believe that your beta readers and editors can help you out with that since they read your book from start to finish and know the characters. Ask them to close their eyes and tell you what they see on the cover. Works wonders.

    I showed a couple of cover options to my best friend for my short story. She said that they weren’t quite right and didn’t scream at her that it’s about a high school crush so I ended up telling my sister to draw my main two characters in their best outfits and set up the title in her style. It turned out great, hope you agree. ^_^

    Also, it’s nice to look at most recent book covers for your genre, see what other authors did, find that something that ‘pops’ in those covers and make it your own.

    I think we have problems with covers because we see our books like movies or extravagant paintings. We want to show so much detail and expect readers to understand though at the end we realize that it can throw them off. Check out this bloggers blog posts for Mondays. She posts book covers of books and asks for opinions. Something may catch your eye and give you ideas. ^_^ The blog posts are named “Book Fashion Day.”

    Good Luck!

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    1. Thank you for taking time to help me out. I love your ideas. I will touch base with my beta readers. What a wonderful suggestion. I will also be checking out this bloggers site. Looking for ideas. thank you so much! 🙂 Yes, I love the cover, it is perfect for the book. Is your sister busy? lol Just kidding lol

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      1. Lol she is at the moment, I had to remind her for days to work on it because she has college courses and just got a new job. Talk to Quintessential Editor about how he contacted artists at a website that I can’t remember. He’s having a good relationship with one of the artists for his book and novella.

        Also She was my cover artist for Seven Hours.


  2. Vicki,
    I had to comment on how beautiful your pups are. I bet they bring a lot of joy. Sorry, I couldn’t help with your cover. Don’t give up. You seem like someone who’s determined so sit back and relax for a moment. “It will come,” says the field of dreams. LOL.

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    1. I just may have to sit back and relax. Perhaps it is because I am always juggling all these hats, that I can not focus. I love that movie! Thank you. We lost Arrow the red tri a few months back, but she will live on in my book. She was exactly how I portray her in the story. I hope once I get a blooming cover, people will love her. Hey that rhymed. Yes, I need to relax. Thank you for your sweet comments. 🙂


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