Preparing for NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo begins in a little over 15 days and I am scrambling to get my reviews posted. The slowest part is getting all the fabulous books I have scheduled read. I read pretty fast, but I still am struggling.  Of course, if you know me by now, you know that when I struggle to complete a project, I blog.  Not the most productive way to handle a deadline, but it is how I roll.

So my calendar is packed with books and review dates when I catch a cold that settles in my head. Oh yes, I am talking about a massive eye pressing sinus  headache for 5 days.  5 days without reading a book.  As you can imagine, that puts me way behind schedule.  So I have been scurrying about with a book on the computer, one of the Kindle, and a paperback in my hand.   I am catching up so I have not lost faith in my trusty calendar.

Yet I am rolling around several ideas as to how I want to NaNo this year. I have begun the sequel to The Path of the Child. I am 3 chapters in. I guess less than 10,000 words. So I can set those to one side and concentrate on adding an additional 50,000 words through the course of November.


Another potential plan is to write 2 smaller books that are my secret projects I mentioned recently.  I am only afraid there are not 50,000 words between them.

Idea three. Start fresh with no plan, like I have done with the past 3 NaNoWriNo years.

I am not sure if I work on all three project, will I become unfocused? Will I miss my goal? If I start something new, what will happen to That Path to the Past?

All relevant questions that I am asking myself.  Of course, I know I will still have reading time, but I will not have a calendar packed with a review or two a day like October and September were.

I am curious as to your ideas, input, and thoughts, on my dilemma. I know I will be participating, I will be striving for 50,000 words. I am just not sure what to work on. Any feedback will be listened to and appreciated. I

Any and all  feedback will be listened to and appreciated. Help a girl out?

Write ideas, comments, and feedback below.   If you play along and help this girl out, I would be so appreciative. Wanna be a buddy? I am on NaNoWriMo site as Vicki Goodwin.

13 thoughts on “Preparing for NaNoWriMo

    1. First drafts are the easiest, it is the rewriting that will kill me lol. I think I am going to do the children’s books at a later time and finish The Path to the Past. I know my characters and it should flow like the first one did. 🙂 You are inspirational!

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  1. Agree with above comments; get your first draft completed while you’re in the flow. By the way, you’re post has inspired me to push myself to finish the first draft of book by end of November! I’m on chapter twelve so I have a head start … 🙂

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  2. I’m in awe of anyone and everyone taking part. You seem enthralled by the first draft, already part in – why not carry on with that relentlessly through the month? Best of luck and lots of drink and chocolate I imagine?!

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  3. Good luck With NaNo, you can do it!
    You may want to write down all the ideas you have on paper, put them into a box and then pick them out one by one. Give them a score between 1-5. 1 being the idea you want to do the least right at that moment and 5 being the most. Get rid of the lowest number and then restart again, do so until you are left with one or two ideas and go with that.
    Not sure if that will work for you but it’s a start and should get the ball rolling.
    Best of luck with NaNo

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    1. What a magnificent idea! I am trugglign with the plot bunnies popping up all over the place and this would give them a chance to be considered. I love it! Are you participating? If you are Good luck to you as well! Thank you so mcuh!!

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      1. Yup this year will be my third year trying, I am hoping for a hat trick of wins.
        I am trying something different this year, the other years I have gone in with a loose idea of my story. This year I have gonna go full plotting, I have plotted out most of the story and over the next few days I will plot out the individual chapters.
        Going to see if this works for me, might as well experiment with NaNo as it is only one month.
        Hopefully with the lessons I learn from NaNo I can take it to the rest of my writing and improve overall.

        Best of luck to yourself.

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      2. SO plotting is allowed on Nano? I was concerned I had cheated by writing little notes to myself. lol Will you be my frined on there? I would love to keep up with how you are doing! I have not participated in Nano since I got sick. Now that I am doing better I am going to attempt it. I did Camp Nano to see how I did with 30k. I am so glad I am able to write again. It was 5 long cold empty years. Come on Nano!!


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