Halloween Party Update

I said I was going as a dragon, I did just that. I am not an artist or a guru with makeup. I said I would post pictures of Beau and I costumed as dragons. So here we are.  He makes a much better stegosaurus than a dragon so he became the StegoSteed. As a mighty steed, he doubled as the horse for the headless horseman. Beau is a Renaissance dog.  


Beau, defeated along with his headless horseman rider by the Viking attack:


I hope your Halloween events are as much fun as ours was.  The Viking won for 1st place children’s costume and The Cat in the Hat won 1st place adult. 


Thanks to everyone that attended the party. It was a wonderful evening. I counted 31 people and almost all of them were in costume. Besides Dragons and Vikings and Cat in the Hat, we had the Gorton’s Fisherman, A Deatheater, A ladybug, A Dinosaur rider, A hunter and his deer, A baby cat, a pirate, a Minecraft character,  a gnome, a Raichu, and a fairy. What a fun time! I look forward to next years party. All the new costumes and great friends. We sure missed you guys that weren’t able to make it.

gortons raichu

Happy Halloween!


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