Ain’t Got Time For That!

November began on a positive note with NaNoWriMo going full swing.  Wrote every day and  maintained a nice little schedule. For those that would never believe it, I maxed out in my multitasking. I got involved with #MysteryThrillerWeek and between setting up the bones for the participating bloggers, authors, and specialists with Benjamin and Sherrie, and working on the Facebook page for the hourly hosting , I missed a day of writing. Do I pick up today and pretend it didn’t happen?  I am in a quandary.


I am writing, letter, schedules, my three-month production plan, reviews, and more letters. I am having a blast. I am excited about the week. I am excited to be making new friends and finding new authors and their work.


Locating book reviewers and requesting that they join in and sending those tweets to publicists, authors, bloggers and trying not to be annoying. It is a juggling act. Perfect for a multitasker like me.  Then I realized I had not written a word for NaNo yesterday. I was pretty aggravated with myself. I mean I am a queen at multitasking. How had that happened? So instead of racing over to Scrivener and whipping out a few words, I decided to write a blog post, a few more contact letter, Tweet out a few invitations, and hold a chat with Sian, Benjamin, and Sherrie. Oh yes, even I have multitasking limits. This was enlightening to me.  Today I grew in knowledge of myself. I have a limit and once I reach it, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

By the way, if you have not joined us for #MysteryThrillerWeek now is the time. We are getting some excellent authors willing to provide books for review, interviews and those much loved Character Q&A’s. Just think of it like this, if you sign up, you get to see one of those letters I have been writing.  That’s right! An official Welcome letter will wing its way to you compliments of the Events Team!



13 thoughts on “Ain’t Got Time For That!

      1. There is an adorable mystery series up on the site. It is the top one and the 4th one. by the same author,. It is a middle grade mystery. I read it and totally enjoyed it. Consider joining us and only pick fun mysteries. Jake Urry is donating The Cryptic Lines audiobook. It is a cozy mystery. Very welll done. Well consider joining 🙂 prizes!! Awards! Fun!!

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      2. that’s it :)0 We are adding books every day .. If you want to read that one. Sign up and then we you cvan request the book. the deadline is to have it ready during the week of Feb 12-22, 2017. Hold the review until then,


  1. Just wanted to leave some encouragement here 🙂 I know how tough it can get to do so much stuff all at once… It always seems like 24 hours is not enough! But it feels so rewarding at the end of the day to think back to everything you got done, and be so proud of yourself. Keep up the great work 🙂

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