Book Review: Mona Lisa’s Secret, by Phil Philips

Mona Lisa's SecretMona Lisa’s Secret by Phil Philips

  • Print Length: 374 pages
  • Publisher: Phil Philips (September 15, 2016)
  • Publication Date: September 15, 2016
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01L7BWDC8
  • My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    My Review:

    When the book began you were provided with a little history lesson, then it catapults you to modern day. Once you meet Joey you know there was a reason for the lesson. There is a discovery that sends Joey and Marie on a massive adventure.

    He knew the history of his Grandfather’s actions and death so with this new evidence in hand, he sets out to repair his grandfather’s reputation and good name. With his girlfriend Marie, they cross the ocean to make a past wrong right again.

    That is not quite the end of the story. In fact, that is only the beginning, what occurs next is an adventure fraught with danger, intrigue, and questions. Nothing is as it seems and it would do Joey well to remember that. Mysterious men and revealed secrets kept me turning the pages wondering just what was going to happen next.

    I was so engrossed in this hunt for ancient secrets and the fight to stay alive. The story unfolds beautifully as Joey Peruggia discovers a secret that he never expected.

    With action like Indiana Jones and religious questions like with the De Vinci code, the story is amazingly well told. I really enjoyed this book.

    I was angry at the bad guys and I was worried about the good guys.Sometimes I wasn’t quite sure who was who. I was especially worried about the boy, Marie, Joey, and a few other people and inanimate objects along the way. It was a hair-raising tale in many chapters.

    My Recommendation:

    If you like Indiana Jones, Dan Brown’s work, and just juicy mysteries with little-unexpected twists and turns, then you will enjoy this book. I found it filled with adventures that elicited emotional responses and knee-jerk reactions, then pick up this book.

    Where to Find Mona Lisa’s Secret:

    This historical Fiction Mystery is available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon. It is available through Kindle Unlimited as well.

    Amazon | Kindle Unlimited | Barnes & Noble |

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