Calling all Mystery thriller fans! The doors that have been firmly shut against inquisitive eyes are opening a crack and you can see what is in store for you. Come join the fun of being a Super Fan!

Mystery Thriller Week

super-fanIf you are already a fan of the Mystery Thriller genres, then you are in for a FAN-tastic surprise. Mystery Thriller Week is rolling out eleven fun-filled mysteriously thrilling days just for you! That’s one whole week and then some. We just couldn’t pack all the excitement into seven days. Beginning February 12th and running through February 22nd, 2017, MTW will engage you with online events around the clock 24/7. No matter what continent you hail from or which country you call home, rest assured that MTW plans to delight and thrill you with events, contests, book reviews, interviews, book excerpts, informative criminal and historical columns, book video trailers, blog tours, and live Facebook chat sessions with international best-selling authors. There will be mystery that thrills even the most selective palate.

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    1. I am so glad that you are taking advantage of these opportunities. I too have picked up an indecent number of books to read and review.

      Really thrilled that you are enjoying being a super fan and a super reader. Thank you for all your enthusiasm.

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  1. Have no fear, you can attend the event, find free and discounted books, find new authors and see interviews, reviews and live chats with them. There is plenty for the non-blogger to do. 🙂


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