I Found My First Easter Egg, Then I Found Another, and it is not Even February!

Everyone loves to wake up Easter morning and find that the crafty bunny has spent all night dying and designing those adorable eggs. It is not expected in January though.


No bunny had hippity hopped into the house.  Beau would have barked if that had happened.

Perhaps you believe I saw another type of Easter egg.  Perhaps from a famous Russian craftsman jeweler?


Alas, it was not a Faberge egg, which would have looked lovely on my dresser. Available for my whim to open the little delicate jeweled egg and admire the secret prize that was hidden inside.

But no.

The Easter egg that I found was quite different. It was reminiscent of the fun Disney and Pixar easter eggs that I love to read about online.  You know the ones? The Disney image of Peter Pan flying low over a lagoon which happens to host Ariel brushing her hair or admiring a shell, with her sisters sunning on rocks?

The Disney image of Peter Pan flying low over a lagoon which happens to host Ariel brushing her hair or admiring a shell, with her sisters sunning on rocks?


The same fun that Pixar has when they incorporated the Minions into Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. Have you seen it?

Here you can see it quite plainly.


Then there is, of course, this famous rat with the dog from UP’s shadow. Yes, there are easter eggs in movies galore if you take the time to look for them.


But, I digress.

Last week I was reading one of the thrillers for Mystery Thriller Week. A new author that I had not read before. HIs name is H. W. “Buzz” Bernard. He is now one of my new favorite authors for environmental thrillers.

It did not take long to find out that I just love his writing style. It is fast and it is character driven and there is a lot going on in his books.  So I was reading along and I saw that the character was reading an earlier book by the same author.  A light went off over my head. I raced out of my room and found my daughter sitting in the living room reading on her phone.

I breathlessly told her what I had found.  “Is it an Easter egg?”

She looked up, obviously green with envy that I had located my very first official easter egg and said. Yep, Mom, That’s an easter egg.”

(note the lack of an exclamation mark.)

She was so overwhelmed that she went right back to reading whatever it was that was so important on the phone. I took my moment in the sun back to my room and continued to read for a while.

However, late last night while I should have been sleeping, you know me, I was reading instead. Not that unusual, but I was getting groggy and just about to call it a night when I read something that just made me laugh out loud.  I sat up!  I read it again and I cackled! Not loud enough to wake up the people sleeping upstairs, that would have been rude.

Only Beau was close enough to be disturbed, but he didn’t even stop snoring. So, maybe it wasn’t a cackle, as much as a snort and a giggle.

There it was, right smack dab in the middle of Lost City Book 1 by Ben Hammott. A secret waiting to be discovered, a little surprise hiding in the artificial grass for my mind. Another Blooming Easter egg!!

I felt like I needed to throw on a hat and some gloves and head to church.

Thank you to Mr. Hammott and Mr. Bernard, for allowing me to find these nuggets and wallow in the secret prizes you placed in your books. I did not give them away, I left them for others to find and bask in the knowledge that you cleverly hid them just for your reader’s pleasure.

I will be providing reviews on both of these books in a few weeks during Mystery Thriller Week. They will be posted hither and yon, with no mention of the Easter eggs. You, however, will know what no others review readers know.

It seemed more fitting that I share this in a blog post than a semi-professional, mature book review.

This morning when I woke up and remembered what I had found. It was a sacred moment. It was like I had found 2 golden Easter eggs in these last weeks of the chilly month of January.

The Sun was not shining, the birds were not chirping, but it was Easter morning in my heart.

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