Mystery Thriller Week Book Review: Quiet Fury by Darcia Helle

Quiet Fury: An Anthology of SuspenseQuiet Fury: An Anthology of Suspense by Darcia Helle

  • Print Length: 81 pages
  • Publication Date: October 27, 2011
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0060M10BU
  • My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    My Review:

    This book was an anthology of suspense and thriller stories. Each one had interesting, twisted characters The kind of characters that cause you to revel in their situations and their evilness. Then there are some amazing characters that have situations thrust upon them. That was brilliant. The Man in the Red Shirt was such a good read. I could see the inspiration for that and it was written perfectly.

    My favorites were the ones with strange twists that I did not expect. It was written tightly. to have that much going on in a short story really takes talented wordplay. This book was full of great wordplay.

    Darcia Heele shared stories that have been written in other anthologies and I was so glad to find her work. I plan on reading her novels and see how she can blow my mind with a full-length novel. She certainly was able to with some of her short stories. I will never blindly walk into a doctor’s appointment again. Each story took an everyday occurrence and turned it on its ear. Truly a fun read. I am a fan of Darcia Helle and her suspenseful stories!

    I read and reviewed this during Mystery Thriller Week. The celebration that brings together authors, bloggers, reviewers, and fans every year.

    Where to Find Quiet Fury:

    This little jewel of an anthology is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook and on audiobook by clicking the links below.

    | Amazon | Kindle | Barnes and Noble | Nook | Audible |
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