Award and After Party for Mystery Thriller Week

Last night I was up with so many of the authors, bloggers, fans, readers, experts and organizers of the Mystery Thriller Week.  After 4 months of planning, 11 days of reviews, guest posts, interview posting, and hosting live events, the week came to a close.

Did we learn a lot during this colossal event? Yes! We did!

  1. If you built it, they will come, bringing books, reviews, interviews, and laughter.
  2.  You can never laugh at your own mistakes enough.
  3. Authors and bloggers love a good party together.
  4. Guests look better in Armani, Oscar De La Renta, and other designers clothing.
  5. Champagne flows like champagne.
  6. You can never have enough trailers in a screening room.
  7. No one wants to the party to end.


The party began at 10:00 pm and the red carpet started filling up at about 9:30. There was crush at the auditorium door but everyone made it in safely. The ushers were able to get everyone seated just as the event began at Ten on the dot. With the awards being presented and the crowd’s participation, the party feeling was momentous.

Awards make the event even better: Here are the night’s events and their award.  Congratulations to all the winners!  You all looked amazing.

There was a lovely testimonial presentation after the prizes were awarded during four random drawings.  Thanks go out to all the generous donors of the books, eBooks, audiobooks and prizes.  Special thanks to the ones that took a moment to tell the organizers how much they enjoyed the week.  (all 11 days of it)

The finale was a short video featuring bloopers featuring the exhausted organizers and their not too brilliant decisions and antics.

If you are on Facebook check out the videos and the celebration at the group Mystery Thriller Week Annual Event.

MTW  daily winners

MTW author registration 2018

MTW Blogger / reviewer registration 2018

MTW Super Fan registration 2018 

Don’t worry MTW is not forgotten, it is in hibernation but will be sticking it’s dinosaur nose up on occasion. After all, this big boy is hard to keep under wraps.  I hope you had as much fun as I did and can not wait to be a part of it again.  The only thing missing from the party, was you.




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