Trouble in Thinks She Knows So Much Land. 

Had too much time on my hands.  So what else should I do but run about willy nilly on my admin settings?

Which means I clicked something that makes no sense to me. The question of the day becomes, “Why should I  be surprised when suddenly everything behaves wonky?”

Lesson learned, for today, anyway.

Crash “#$#$#” went the comments and notifications. I am still not sure what I clicked. At this point, I am just glad I found it to unclicked.  Comments and notifications are right back where they belong.

admin tools

Vicki’s Admin Tools







11 thoughts on “Trouble in Thinks She Knows So Much Land. 

  1. I think this has happened to all of us. You are lucky you could fix it so easily. I have delinked my self from both my Goodreads and my Facebook Sir Choc page in the past and really battled to fix the result. I also managed to link my Google + account to my son’s school account HORROR!

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    1. Oh dear. Schools would love to see a mother’s google picks. 🙂 How funny. I did manage to goof up Goodreads and link it to the wrong Facebook page and what a disaster it was to remedy. I am always willing to laugh at my goof ups since they occur on such a frequesnt basis. I migth as well laugh I decided long ago. Glad you too see the humor in these little moments 🙂

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