There is a Difference Between 5 Stars on Amazon vs Goodreads

This is great information and something I had noticed. I am not sure if I should put a different star rating on amazon than Goodreads. I struggle with the Amazon rating for both which means many books I loved appear to be amazing. To me, maybe they are. 🙂 Enjoy this post! I got from Rose Point Publishing.

Rosepoint Publishing

Goodreads vs Amazon StarsI don’t understand it. And, I don’t know if there is anything afoot to change it, but as I’m sure you’ve no doubt noticed if you’ve ever moused over the stars on Amazon and Goodreads–there is a difference in the star ratings between the two. Are you one who thinks the star rating is equivalent to personal perception? Or have you read and understood the star definitions of both? I’ve run up against this before, debating what to do; set my star ratings the same on both websites–or change to more closely indicate my objective opinion on each.

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6 thoughts on “There is a Difference Between 5 Stars on Amazon vs Goodreads

    1. I agree with you. It is more than a star, it is the review that accompanies it. I try to express what I loved about a book to give it the stars I believe it deserves. However, on Goodreads it makes it look like I give too high a rating on occasion. All in all, it is a slippery slope!

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