A Special Day with Many Faces, Come Share Today With Me.

Today is June 2, 2017, and for everyone else, this might be a mundane Friday, for me, I am doing more than the Friday dance, I am in full celebratory dancing mode. Why you ask?  I will tell you!

In chatting with some authors of children’s books and parents of book-loving children, we realized there is no real place to connect the reader to the authors. What else would I do, but create that area? I did so on Goodreads and anyone is welcomed to join in.  I sent out invitations to as many mothers, fathers, children’s book fans and authors and several have already responded. I hope you will join in here at the Parents, Find children’s Books and Authors group. Help us bring children’s books. authors and readers together.


Today is June 2, 2017. That means Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? goes live on Amazon, at 8:00 am, EST.  Kindle version will be available, the paperback is also available on Barnes and Noble. If you want a copy signed sent directly from me, then send me a message at vickitgoodwin@gmail.com and I can facilitate that as well.  Yeah, that’s right! I have copies in my hot little hand. So I am going to try to sleep so that I can see it go live at 8. Blue Book Launch







If you want to join the day-long celebration, join me on Facebook at Sojourner’s Support Group. Not a member yet? Then the timing is perfect,  come on over and I will make you one today!

If you enjoy this children’s book and want to read more from Sojourner McConnell the ebook of The Path of the Child is on sale in celebration of the new release for $.99 on Amazon.

There will be some special posts on various blogs today about the book launch. I hope you share them on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else.  I have the want to succeed spirit and I can’t contain my excitement.


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