Week 2 -3 in the Michele Elizabeth Personal & Spiritual Development course

I shared with you all how exciting and life changing week one was of the personal and spiritual development course was. Now I want to share with you the next two weeks of actual processing. Week one was finding the triggers and isolating the words and the corresponding feelings that the words evoked.

Michele Elizabeth 1

Week two and three were the processing. I am not going to share her procedures as I am not equipped to do so and I can never express the knowledge I gained from Michele.

The point of the processing is to take the negatives and change the way you react to them.  The words that make you feel like you are not worthy of the positives in life, need to be addressed, changed and that takes processing.

When I was learning the processes they clicked in my mind and allowed me to see how I have been punishing myself by holding on to little hurts and slights. Now I am able to accept that those were not personal. They were not about me, they were about the person that lashed out instead of dealing with their own problems.

Now, I am working on not personalizing slights and hurtful comments. I do not have to embrace hurtful things. They do not make me less than I was before they were spoken. After all this time, I do not have to embrace other people’s words and thoughts. I just have to make peace with them.  Making peace with the past and the present means I can be truly happy and joyful.

The ego is the part that keeps us hurting, blocked from blessings and forgiveness of our own mistakes. Our ego is quite the little manipulator. It is there to protect the status quo. Michele showed us how to get past that ego and find peace and joy.

This course was invaluable to me. It was worth the time, energy and tears that I spent.  Learning to process the pain away has made me see the entire world differently.

Get to know Michele Elizabeth on Facebook.  Learn more about building a passionate life on her website. Follow her at The Enlightenment Project.

Michele Elizabeth

Her joy shines through in everything she does and teaches. I am finding the joy that I had searched for all my life. It is a wonderful journey and there is so much to change to make it all joy filled.

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