The Academy Awards Ceremony for Saints by r.e.joyce: A Featured Fun Guest Post.

The Academy Awards Ceremony for Saints

A parable by r.e.joyce


The night fills with the sparkle and glamour of God’s heaven.  Each star in the sky exceeds the next in beauty and splendor.  The faithful arrive from all around the globe dressed in the magnificence of their standing and all are awe-struck at the wonders of the evening.  They parade into the great hall with anticipation and in marvelous laughter and joy.  This will be the event of the decade – of the century – of the millennia! 


Those who have shown their worth in the Kingdom of God will be honored!  The saints who have carried the torch of Christ will be held high.  What wonders will be seen this night!




Behind the grand theater, in the darkness and the debris of the world sits a lonely beggar too ill to rise and beg alms.  His life hurts but it is just another day.  The commotion fills his ears but has not moved his heart or mind.  There is just the night and nothing more. 


Silently, almost timid, a young street urchin approaches the lonely beggar.  She seems to know and feel his pain.  Her approach is filled with caution not to disturb or injure this lonely one anymore.  Sitting beside him she reaches within the folds of her tattered skirt and pulls out a crust of bread.  This she quietly offers to the man who, with tear soaked eyes, takes his meal for the night…




The night is filled with joy and merriment.  Gold and accolades are poured out upon those attending the gala celebration.  All feel they had truly witnessed the most wonderful event on earth!


The night remains calm and filled with stars.  The old man holds the prize he has been given and with deep gratitude consumes the morsel.  Silently he reaches out and holds the hand of the child beside him.  For this moment in eternity, his loneliness is gone.  His gratitude and his peace fill the darkness and he is at peace.



For years to come, on shelves throughout the world, there will be golden statues to show the wonders of lives and the accomplishments of man.




The true prize will be consumed and passed on each day in hopes of filling one more soul with the joy and peace of Our Lord.  Look always for the inner gifts and you will know His peace.



A parable is a short tale that illustrates universal truth, one of the simplest of narratives. It sketches a setting, describes an action, and shows the results. It often involves a character facing a moral dilemma, or making a questionable decision and then suffering the consequences. Though the meaning of a parable is often not explicitly stated, the meaning is not usually intended to be hidden or secret but on the contrary quite straightforward and obvious.


A note – on this manuscript from VmPublishing


We were approached by a rather dusty old gentleman who stated flatly in a west Texas drawl, that he “found the scrolls while looking for gold”.  His only requirement was to be left alone and that any money could be left at the Western Union station for his eventual return to civilization.




They were parchments dating far back in history and they related tales that filled our staff with excitement.  Our happiness was so great that we chose a pen name commensurate – This is the 5th transcription of the works we have been given under the name of r.e.joyce.  We hope you rejoice too!


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Please accept this collection of prose and poetry, capturing moments of insight that have found life within my writings as a gift of love.  The gathering of imagery combined with the scratch of the quill on parchment, fulfill the moments of grace I have experienced.


This is the scrapbook of my mind and as such takes on no formal story arch but haphazardly spills out onto the pages.  I make no excuse for the yearnings of my heart or the unstructured outpourings of my mind.  I only know that these moments hold for me an opening to the reason for life – Love.


Love is the doorway beyond the amalgamation of energy and matter, opening up to something more – something beyond.  When all else seems to fit into a nice cubbyhole of science explained, love bursts through and imagines life beyond, continuing into forever for a purpose.


May just one of these thoughts from my wondering mind fill your heart and soul with the joy I find in my creator and grace you with the gift of love.


Send it to me!



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Bill Joyce is a visionary and Crowdfunding pioneer. Bill’s accounting, finance, and international banking background has served him well in both the banking and computer industries, where his primary focus was on organizational development and project management.  Bill remains engaged in development of team solutions for small and entrepreneurial opportunities. Bill is the founder of CrowdFund Roundup and Vision Management.  Bill is often sought out for insight by Crowdfunding industry leaders because of his progressive thinking and his vision for start-up businesses.


The Finding

An Ancient Story of Unicorns

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Seven Stars of Midnight


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Wrathe W. Aceing is a pseudonym, an anagram created to remove celebrity from the author, and place the focus on the central message of these adventures and other books contemplated. The “e” is silent.  So is the warrior.  But the vigilance, while silent, is real.

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Coming 2017 Shadows Within Dark Places

When freedom is threatened


Bill J. releases the first two of his 3 spirituality books


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The Care and Feeding of the Mustard Seed and Other Traditions of God’s Love for Us

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Game Night means: Settlers of Catan! Have you Played?

Image result for settlers of catan

Saturday night we had company over and so someone suggested Settlers of Catan. Everyone agreed. It was quickly set up and play began.  What a fun game this is. It allows you to be as kindhearted, ruthless, or as confused as you are comfortable.

Me, I chose confused. I wasn’t sure where to set up my starter road and community. I ended up placing my one green road right where it did no good. Never played before? Then let me tell you about the Settlers of Catan game play.



Image result for settlers of catan

The pieces of the game are cute little color coded pieces. The land is placed together similar to a puzzle and then the number pogs are placed in random order on each tile. The land is broken into the tiles which represent wheat, brick, ore, and wood.  When game play commences there will be two rounds of setting up your beginning roads and settlement. Once those precursor turns are over, game play begins. The object of the game is to reach 10 points first. Sure, that sounds easy, but it is a game of strategy and thinking two steps ahead of the table. You want to gain as many of the resources  (wood, ore, wheat, and sheep), to build your settlements and roads. There is a hefty bonus for building the longest road. Each settlement costs a set amount of resources. Cities cost a settlement plus several resources. A road is the most simple, but if you place too many roads and don’t think ahead, you will find yourself missing opportunities by not building a wee settlement. There are rules,  You can not build a settlement within two roads of another player’s road or settlement. Confused yet? I the newbie am trying to keep it all straight in my head as I explain.

The object of the game is to reach 10 points first. Sure, that sounds easy, but it is a game of strategy and thinking two steps ahead of the table. You want to gain as many of the resources  (wood, ore, wheat, brick, and sheep), to build your settlements and roads. There is a hefty bonus for building the longest road. Each settlement costs a set amount of resources. Cities cost a settlement plus several resources. A road is the most simple, but if you place too many roads and don’t think ahead, you will find yourself missing opportunities by not building a wee settlement. There are rules,  You can not build a settlement within two roads of another player’s road or settlement. Confused yet? I the newbie am trying to keep it all straight in my head as I explain.

Image result for settlers of catan


Image result for settlers of catan


Game pieces are simple. There are four colors to work with each player chooses a color and they are given a packet containing roads, settlements, and cities. Also provided to all players are special cards that provide bonuses, knights, and other special rewards. There is also a robber. He is placed on the number 10 then when anyone lands on that number they can move him to freeze a number from having production from their fields of wheat, ore, sheep or wood.  There are so many little nuances to this game it isn’t even funny. But it is fun!

Bonus, there are the strategic ports along the coastline of the playing area which allows trading two resources for one new one. These come in quite handy if you choose the correct port to settle on. Why would you settle on a port that turns two wood into any other resource if you are not getting wood on a regular basis? It is the forward thinking strategic maneuvering that makes the game so fun, and so infuriating.

When people trade for needed resources, they are going in for a win, never think they are doing it for your benefit. That is the main lesson I learned from this game. The game lasts an hour or more. It is fast paced and it is exciting. If you are like me and try to be nice, look out. There are ruthless people on the other side of the table.  Believe me, they are waiting for you to be nice. Then they take you to the cleaners, freeze your resources and show you what they are made of.

If you are like me and try to be nice, look out. There are ruthless people on the other side of the table.  Believe me, they are waiting for you to be nice. Then they take you to the cleaners, freeze your resources and show you what they are made of.

When we played last,  there were four players and it was a really fun time.  I took this picture after the winner claimed his points. You can tell who won, and who lost.


Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor

Where was I? Why I was the green with all the cards you’re not supposed to be holding and the camerawoman.  It is a fun game, it is entertaining, and there are many different expansions to make it more unique and different.  I have no idea why there is a can of ravioli on the table. That is not part of the game.  No doubt, that was a contribution from the seven-year old that was not able to play.

You can find this game on Amazon, at Target, Catan shop, and most other brick and mortar game stores in your area. It is about $40.00 and it is a game that all skill levels can play. As I mentioned before there are expansions that include pirates, knights, cities, and others.

Have fun and please let me know if you are a confused Catan player, a skillful Catan player, or a ruthless Catan player. If you are a different breed of Catan player, share that as well in the comments below.  I want to know!

Special Feature: Sunday Stroll in the Gallery: Featuring Jane Fade Merrick

Sunday Stroll in the Gallery is a feature to bring new eyes to artists. Welcome to the Gallery and enjoy the view. Let’s meet Jane Fade Merrick

Ashes of the Phoenix is a contemporary romance which tells about life, love, ha, e, troubles and music! Meet Fade, a girl who lives a life left on her own, struggling constantly to survive in a society that swallows everyone who doesn’t keep up with its pace; her only company is a kitchen knife and a scar embedded in her leg that reminds her every day of who she is and why she is there. Once, while she’s stealing in a supermarket, she meets Jag, a boy with a disturbing appearance who convinces her to join him in his weird plan: to become the main sponsor of one of the most successful bands of the moment, of which he’s a huge fan, and – apparently – he doesn’t lack the money to do so. She allows herself to be convinced to meet Nef, a typical playboy, who eventually will learn that the world isn’t all at his feet like he thought…

Ashes of the Phoenix contains several illustrations done by the author and other artists, which complete the imaginary world that it tells.

This romance has been published in Italian, currently is getting translate and it will be released in English at the beginning of the new year. Still, you can follow the FB page to know previews, curiosity, participate in surveys and giveaways.

Author’s bio

Hello! This is Jane Fade Merrick, the author. I use a pen name to keep my identity secret because there’s not much to tell about me. I am from Italy and I wanted to make my romance international (it’s going to be translated by a professional staff, so don’t mind my eventual English mistakes).

I believe in self-publishing. I consider it not a simple “escaping way” for all these people who didn’t get a contract in a regular publishing house, but a real conscious way for a writer to make his story available to everyone. For this reason, I tried to write my book in the most perfect way I could. I hope that all the people who chose this way of publishing would do the same.


If you are an artist and want to share your artwork, photographs, pottery, modern sculpture. comic or anime, then contact me here.  I’ve brought Sunday Stroll in the Gallery over to The Page Turner and welcome new, upcoming, established artists that want to have their work seen. Contact me at to learn how.

Renaissance: The Nora White Story by Yecheilyah Ysrayl: Book Review

Renaissance: The Nora White Story (Book One)

Renaissance: The Nora White Story (Book One)


  • Series: Book One
  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Publisher: Literary Korner Publishing; First Edition edition (June 27, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0692913440
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692913444



My Rating ♥♥♥♥

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The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies: Book Review

The Tea Planter's Wife

The Tea Planter’s Wife


  • Paperback: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Broadway Books; Reprint edition (June 20, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0451495985
  • ISBN-13: 978-0451495983



My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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Romance at the Do-Drop-In by cj Petterson: A Featured Fun Guest Post.

Romance at the Do-Drop-In

cj Sez:  I think I could make a story out of this:  There once was a love quadrangle (of sorts) going on at my house. A few years ago, my patio became the go-to place for food. I had a habit of putting out dry bread for the birds, and one night a little nubbin of a kitten showed up and ran off with a piece of crust in its mouth. I figured that was one really hungry feline because the cats I knew didn’t generally eat hard, dry bread. The kitten came back the next evening and the next, so I started putting out cat food, knowing it would cost me in the long run because I’d have to trap it out and get it spayed or neutered, whatever the vet determined.

Didn’t take long before a yellow cat appeared, and Son and I learned Nubbin was a female because she started courting Yellow Cat. Yep, SHE did the pursuing. I watched the little flirt follow him around the yard and rub her face against his. So, because I didn’t want to populate the neighborhood with kittens, we made a trap. We aimed for Nubbin but caught Yellow Cat first and had him neutered. A few weeks later, we caught Nubbin and had her spayed. That was the end of their budding romance. Both of them lost their alluring hormone scents, and as a result, she’d panic and run to hide every time she saw Yellow Cat. Confused him all to pieces.

A couple of years later, a big, grey cat with white feet showed up, and there was no question about him being a tomcat. Nubbin fell in love with Boots’s manly scent and began to pursue him. His interest in her was akin to that of a big brother. He’ll tolerate her face rubs with an occasional push away, and he’d chase off Yellow Cat when she got nervous and ran. Boots imprinted on me, but I had become partial to Yellow Cat who purred and let me rub his tummy. I couldn’t touch the other two.

The big surprise was that Boots imprinted on me. He followed me around like a dog when I was out in the yard and sat like a sentry at the back door where he could watch me work in the kitchen. He also bit me hard twice when I wasn’t paying attention to him (two courses of antibiotics for infected hands/wrists). He was very feral and very smart. He avoided all efforts to trap him out to have him neutered.

About the same time that Boots arrived, a little turtle came into the yard to feast on fallen fruit from the fig tree. Mr. Turtle also loved the cat food—as did (and still do) the cardinals, blue jays, thrashers, the occasional curious wren, raccoons, and ’possums. If Mr. Turtle happened to be in the area when I was refilling the cat food bowls, he came running (truly) when he heard my voice. I once had to rescue him because he had straddled one of the water bowls and was hanging there spread-eagled, all four feet off the ground, unable to move.

So there we were: Yellow Cat in love with Nubbin, Nubbin adoring Boots, Boots wanting to own me, and me partial to Yellow Cat—Mr. Turtle just stopped by for the food.

I’ll admit that if I hadn’t put out that first crust of bread, none of that would’ve happened, but I’m blaming that little hussy, Nubbin.

Nubbin and Boots eventually disappeared from the yard, I hope to a higher-class restaurant, but Yellow Cat is still with me . . . an old bachelor and quasi-tame. Mr. Turtle still stops by for the food.

Okay, you-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.


PS: I know it was “Mr” Turtle because I happened upon him and his girlfriend one evening after a romantic fig dinner.


Author “cj petterson” is the pen name of Marilyn A. Johnston. Retired from corporate life in the automotive industry and now living on Alabama’s Gulf coast, Marilyn takes her pen name from her paternal grandmother in Sweden.

As cj, she writes contemporary romantic suspense and mystery novels as well as fiction and non-fiction short stories. Her latest short story, “Bad Day at Round Rock” is in the 2017 Western anthology THE POSSE. Her strong protagonists and supporting characters will take you on a fast journey through stories filled with suspense, action, and sassy dialogue.

Marilyn/cj serves as a judge for the Romance Writers of America’s Daphne du Maurier contests. She is a member of the international Sisters-in-Crime writers organization and their online Guppy group, the Alabama Writers Forum, the Alabama Writers Conclave, and a charter member of the Mobile Writers Guild.

“Bad Day at Round Rock” a short story in  The Posse, a Western anthology of tales of action, romance, myth and truth.   

Learn more about cj petterson at:


Simon&Schuster Author Page

Amazon Central Author Page  

Choosing Carter  — Kindle  /  Nook  /  Kobo   /  iTunes/iBook

Deadly Star  Kindle  / Nook  / Kobo

blog at:

Authors Talk About It 2017 Book Award Contest! Let’s Talk About It!

I stumbled upon an indie book award contest and after reading all the benefits, rewards, opportunities, and other prizes, I decided to enter.  What would make me, confirmed introverted indie book seller, enter a book award contest? Well, let me share my reasons!

These are my reasons for entering ATAI 2017 Book Award Contest. 

  1. I knew some of the finalists and winners of the ATAI 2016 Book Award Contest. I knew they were quality writers. So I trusted the team’s talent radar from the start.
  2. The Indie support of ATAI was spoken about with enthusiasm by the finalists and winners so I wanted to know more about the supporting team. The team offers specialized services to their clients. I will address these below.
  3. Free book promotion.
  4. ATAI Featured Author Interviews.
  5. Assistance with Book covers and book cover contests.
  6. Assistance with book blurbs and book blurb contests.
  7. ATAI’s Online Presence is stellar. When I went to their blog, I learned so much about their services and their talents. I also learned more about the groups on Facebook.
  8. ATAI’s Facebook Presence is nurturing. When I joined the groups Passionate Women Writers on Purpose and Authors Talk about it, I was taken with the commitment they offer to the indie authors that join in.

Now I get to talk about the contests.

What are some of the attractive features?

  • Great prizes on several different tiers.
  • Simple entry instructions.
  • Low entry fee.
  • Professional critique and review.
  • Support and guidance.
  • Amazing prize packages!


Authors Talk About It Services.

  • Editing
  • Bio Review and assistance
  • Book blurb assistance
  • Blogger information
  • Blog interviews
  • And even more!

This is one fantastic company that truly wants to help the indie author and provide a special experience for them. Check out the contests they are beginning and hosting currently.

Who can enter? 

  • Authors 18 years of age or older
  • Published book, unpublished books, manuscripts, and eBooks are accepted on the Authors Talk About It website.

Contest deadline is September 31, 2017.  

I hope you enjoy this special opportunity!


Of course, I have submitted my new book. I just have to share my own review/critique!


5 Stars

ATAI 5 Stars 900

Click here to get your copy!

Sojourner McConnell

An adorable chapter book for young children, Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? (The Dolcey Series) gives young girls a powerful life lesson while allowing them to step into a fantasy. Sojourner McConnell brings to life a young fairy who has powerful magic that she’s only just begun to start using to help others. When Dolcey here’s a child in need, she has been taught by her mother how to implement her powers to offer guidance and assistance. Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? is her first experience in actually getting to help. She hears a young girl named Emily and rushes off to not only find her but help her get through the challenging time she is facing.

The colorful imagery within Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas?, illustrated by Ellie Barrett, add an additional element of fun and fantasy to Sojourner McConnell’s story. These occasional images help bridge a gap between young students who are ready to read more difficult books and embrace more complex concepts with readers who aren’t quite ready to give up the picture book feel. Who’s That in the Pajamas? is a very well-written story and has a fun story line all while sharing a message of hope and a lesson on how to cope with big life changes that are out of one’s control. Sojourner McConnell’s Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas?, the first in her The Dolcey Series, would make for a wonderful tool for parents who are looking for something to help their children deal with a big move away from family and friends. It’s simply a must read!

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.