New Marketing Experience, Join me, Share Your Thoughts and More

Thunderclap. Sure, right now it might bring up thougths of the weather that is spreading all across the United States, but it can also mean a new opportunity for a writer, a small company, or an event.

I began my very first Thunderclap campaign today. It is a little unnerving as it depends on the kindness and action of at leaqst 100 people to bring it about. With that said, you would be correct if you are thinking, oh no she is going to ask me to click something.

This is a fun way to get the message out on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, about my new release. It also lets me promote a special price on the new book until September 26, 2017.


Let me tell you all about the new project.

  1. The Title:  When a Pachyderm Comes to Visit
  2. The second book in the Docley Series
  3. The first edition with my new illustrator, Zsa-Zsa Venter.
  4. The story about Michael, a child that has been treated unfairly at school and is afraid to persure his dream career.
  5. The arrival of a fairy named Dolcey
  6. Dolcey comes dressed as animals to be welcomed into the homes of children she helps.
  7. Release date in papaerback and Kindle is September 26, 2017.
  8. New friends are made.
  9. New adventures take Dolcey and Michael up and away from his home.
  10. The early readers have given positive feedback on the new book.


Let me share the way this works. You sign up your event, opening, launch, or promotion, on and after the approval of the campaign you begin to share the link. You can share on a bllog, (case in point) on Facebook, Twitter, through email and newsletters.  When you create your campaign you place a number of supporters that you believe you will manage to receive no less than 100.  100 seems to be a reasonable goal and so I am hopeful.

Once the caqmpaign has been approved, you start sharing the word. Then remember to share on a regular basis to inspire people to support the campaign. It is a fun way to have your campaign seen by thousands and potentially millions of people you would never ordinarily reach.


At this point, I have either utterly confused you, alienated you, or intrigued you. If you are intrigued, please click this link and support my new children’s fairy adventure book and its special pre-order price of $.99.  The price will go back to the normal selling price of $1.49 after the official launch.

If you want to pre-order this children’s book, you can do so here.

I hope you will chime in about your own experiences. I am excited when I discover a new method of marketing. I always have supported other people’s campaign, but I never had the nerve to try it before now.

Thanks for stopping in and learning about my marketing plan.   Comment below and share your marketing expiriments.




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