Sick writer is at a loss for words

You might have noticed I have been relying on guest posts for the last few weeks. I have been battling an infection that will not stop giving me trouble. It began on a Tuesday almost three weeks ago and has progressed to me jotting down my will on bedside stationary.

Sure I might be a bit of a dramatic baby at this point but I was so over being sick two weekends ago.  Finally my daughter said enough go to the urgent care. I waited one more day and Wednesday I was in such intense pain I willingly went.  A bacterial infection, ulcers and a creature that likes to drill holes is the diagnosis.

They called or faxed over the prescription and my insurance company promptly denied it.

After two more days of crying on the phone to the pharmacist, the insurance company and the urgent care, the receptionist at the urgent care tells me,”Oh wait they didn’t fax over the right prescription.”  I will have the nurse call you.

The nurse never called.

Friday I called the pharmacy to see if by some chance they had my prescription ready and they did!

Finally, I felt like I might survive this painful illness and nausea.

Sunday morning after a painful and queasy weekend I began to admit I was getting worse not better.

I called the urgent care and asked how long would I continue to get worse before getting better? After getting enough information to locate me in the system she says “Are you taking all your medicine as prescribed. I assured her I am. She then asks if I am allergic to any of the two antibiotics and stomach repair cocktail. I don’t know These clinical names of these rheee drugs. ” Uumm. I have no clue, what’s in them?  I am allergic to penicillin. That’s all I know.”

She says, “What?” Your taking amoxicillin. You don’t need to be taking amoxicillin if your allergic! Let me get you to the nurse.”

Hold nusic entertains me not at all as I wait and wait and wait. Receptionist returns and says I will have her call you. ”  instead about thirty minutes later the pharmacy  calls. ‘Stop taking all medicines and pick up these new prescriptions.”

An hour later the urgent care care receptionist calls and says.”The doctor is pretty sure this is an allergic reaction.”All I can hear with the roar of high blood pressure in my ears is my ever so annoyed brain as it screams,  “Ya think? ”

I’ll be back posting as soon as possible.  I hope that they got it right this time and an end is in sight.

It is sadly too early to tell,


20 thoughts on “Sick writer is at a loss for words

  1. This is typical of so-called doctors and the entire medical establishment with their quack medicines and prescriptions. My sincere hope you shall indeed recover, then sue the both the doctor and the pharmacy for their gross incompetence.

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    1. Right now I will be so relieved to just be able to enjoy the smell of food without this horrible response. You’re right, the lack of care or concern by anyone other than the receptionist is a sign of lost compassion. When the world needs more compassion, rather than less.

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    1. I woke up this morning less queasy than I have been in weeks. That is a huge improvement. I rescheduled my release date so I can focus on getting well without fretting about the delay I hope people understand. Release day will now be October 10th. Today I feel that the reactive medicine might be out of my system. I am quite hopeful at this time. Thank you for your kind and healthy thoughts. They are truly appreciated

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