A special visit to the Art Gallery of Nancy Z. Quinn, Wildlife Artist and Author








      What happens when an internationally known Florida wildlife artist moves to the wild and woolly west?  Well, first she finds a cougar on her swing set and a moose in her driveway!  But that’s only a small part of the adventure.  Nancy was born in Michigan but grew up in Florida, where she developed a great love of animals and nature.  After college, she worked as a conservation law enforcement duty officer for the state, while volunteering her spare time at wildlife rehabilitation centers where she brought their birds and reptiles into the schools to educate children of all ages.  Over the years she has handled many domestic and exotic species, including snakes, cougars, leopards, and tigers.

   She left law enforcement to pursue her passion for wildlife art, and after receiving two World Wildlife Art Championship Awards, her new vocation became a fulltime career.  But once she married an Air Force officer and moved to Washington, D.C, all this suddenly changed when, a few months later, her husband survived the September 11th attack on the Pentagon.  Their life would never be the same as the months turned into years, and she found herself raising two small girls while her husband devoted his efforts to the war.  Finally, the day came when he retired and they were at last able to enjoy a new life, this time in the mountains of Montana.

    Here they discovered a new world of exciting and unusual adventures.  They soon learned how unprepared they were for the challenges ahead, both comical and adventurous.  The humor of their early encounters with cattle and local customs merely masked the more ominous confrontations yet to come with predators and nature.  Through their journey they discovered the true meaning of the “Code of the West,” a concept which has not entirely vanished from the American way of life.

     Encouraged by friends and family alike, Nancy recently published her first book, Go West, Young Woman!, and now is working on its sequel.  She still happily resides on her mountainside with her husband, daughters, dogs, and horses, while continuing to paint and write about her experiences living in the west.  The book can be found on Amazon.com, Hellgatepress.com, and in bookstores.  Personalized, signed copies are available through Nancy’s website at www.quinnwildlifeart.com.

Here is the gallery of her artwork.  This video will show you the highlights of her talent.  Scenes from her homestead in Montana, and animals she has met along the way.


Find Nancy Quinn in more places around the Web.

Visit her website, Quinn Art

Learn more about her first Book or view the Video Book Trailer

Books are also available through Amazon and her Publisher

Find her on Facebook or Goodreads

Subscribe to her YouTube Channel

Take a moment to comment so that the Princess of Montana can get to know you. She is one of the most genuine and kind women I have had the pleasure of knowing.  One of her readers recently called her Princess of Montana, and I knew I had to find a way to fit it in this post.  Enjoy meeting Nancy Quinn and sharing her talent.

10 thoughts on “A special visit to the Art Gallery of Nancy Z. Quinn, Wildlife Artist and Author

    1. You are so right, it has become a moment in time like when President Kennedy was shot and before that Lincoln. It is a measure of time now and changed us all. She took a brave step to find a safer and better life for her family. It is a beautiful testament to her as a mother. Brave soul that she is. She is raising brave children and pioneers in their own right.

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  1. Wow! The art is SO beautiful!!! You feel as so you could learn a little about each animal or bird in each picture, because they’re so detailed!!! I’m going to read this book for sure, picked it up from Amazon! Thanks for sharing this with us Vicki!! xo, Donna

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Truly, it is my pleasure to bring Nancy to the front, Donna. She is amazingly talented as you said. There certainly are those details in her art. They look like they could fly into the room. I can’t wait to see what you thought of Go West, Young Woman.


    2. Donna, I am so pleased to read that you enjoyed the artwork, and that you are coming west through my book! If you have questions or comments, feel welcome to contact me, it would be great to hear from you. Much obliged!

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