YouTube Special She Thinks She Knows So Much!

This is not the first or second time I have shared a “she thinks she knows so much” moment.  This one might be the one that causes me the most confusion and hardship. My granddaughter is seven. She is addicted to YouTube videos of the DIY chemists that make and work with slime.

Saturday morning errand time and the seven-year-old wants to go with.  She did hear that the dollar store was one of the stops I was making for mailing supplies. What child doesn’t want to go to the dollar store with a grandmother that has a credit card?  The concept of limits is new to this child. So off we go, we get to the store and she grabs two bottles of school glue.  The white kind that we all remember from our own school days.

Errands are complete, books are mailed off to Denver and Lubbock, and we are headed back home.  One hour later, I am presented with the best smelling slime ever.  The little chemist has created a slime masterpiece.  What does a “thinks she knows so much”, Grandmother do?

Out comes the smartphone with the ever so groovy camera. “Let’s make a video of this amazing slime. You can upload it onto my YouTube channel and we can show the world your amazing slime.”

YAY! The video is made. Said video is uploaded. Grandma shares the link on Facebook and likes are being given. 

Seven-year-old Chemist and all around know it all decided she didn’t like my name being on her video so she changed my YouTube channel to “Random Stuff of DIY and some slime“.

This is my new name now on Google, Google Plus, my emails, and my YouTube Channel.

Welcome to another weekend with the seven-year-old chemist and all around know it all and her Grandma who thinks she knows so much.

Here is her video on our new channel with the ever so embarrassing and not professional writer name.


Perhaps I should have had a clue when she said, pay no attention to the Vicki Goodwin name.

I love being around my grandkids.  They make life hilarious!!

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