AUTHORSdb a New Discovery of Two Great Sites

Author KC Sprayberry let me in on this site and wow. I am impressed. It is a great site that offers a database of authors’ works as well as hosts contests and tons of other services for authors. Continue reading “AUTHORSdb a New Discovery of Two Great Sites”

When You Are Afraid to Say, “What?”

What goes on in the heads of nine-year-olds? It’s a frightening place their little brains and you never know what is going to happen when you say, “What?” Last week I picked up Sarah from her house and took her to dinner with me. We were driving along and I hear, “Guess what I got today!”

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Snow Day Singing Announcements

I don’t know if you have seen the principals of schools putting on sunglasses and singing about school cancellations but this new trend is so clever. I would have loved to see my office staff singing about staying home and not sleeping until noon.

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And I Thought it was Cold Here!

I just heard from my daughter and it was -20 last night at her house in the UP.  Needless to say, her propane bill is overwhelming this month. She just filled the tank and it is needing another fill already. Minus zero degree weather will cause your heater to go into overdrive.

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New Projects and Sleeping Pills

Have you ever woken up and decided to start a new project? To begin a new book or a collection of short stories was on my mind today.  But I had a birthday party to attend, a house to clean after a hamster minded child spent the night and no clue of where to start.

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Spreading Our Wings at Any Age

Time marches on and it never stops that trek to the end. What can be stopped is the doldrums and the boredom that sometimes follows along the dusty trail of life.  Leaving ruts where we trudge day in and day out going nowhere.

Suddenly, you look up another decade has snuck up on you and you realize it is time to shake off the gloom and get productive.  This is not just my story, this is the story of so many. Those that live day to day stuck in the muck and mire and going nowhere.

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New Book Release Announcement

I have been off writing and publishing for a bit and I am thrilled to say, I’m back. I took a year off to deal with some personal problems and family situations.  I lost my brother my beautiful baby brother this year and his illness and death just put me into a mental fog. I am adjusting to his absence and as he asked me not to wallow in grief, I followed his instructions and finished publishing my latest children’s book.

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