Spreading Our Wings at Any Age

Time marches on and it never stops that trek to the end. What can be stopped is the doldrums and the boredom that sometimes follows along the dusty trail of life.  Leaving ruts where we trudge day in and day out going nowhere.

Suddenly, you look up another decade has snuck up on you and you realize it is time to shake off the gloom and get productive.  This is not just my story, this is the story of so many. Those that live day to day stuck in the muck and mire and going nowhere.

My friend Kim recently stared in a local play and as we can tell from her beaming face, she had a blast. Her friends near and far supported her spreading her wings, getting on stage and acting.

Her role looked comedic and ever so emotional from the pictures I saw. I wish I had been able to travel the 800 miles to see her perform. My heart was with her even though I was still in Kentucky.


She and I both waited until we were older to let our lights shine. Take it from us, get out and do it at any age, Enjoy life, do something new and start a brand new adventure no matter what your age.

When I decided to publish I was older than many and I just backed my ears and did it. Now it has been a few years and a few books later and I am once again at the publishing desk, planning a marketing strategy and promotion schedule.



You are never too old to take on a new role or expand on your adventure. Don’t let your past dig ruts so deep you can’t escape. Get out there and find your joy. And like I tell Kim, Break a leg!

4 thoughts on “Spreading Our Wings at Any Age

  1. Hi Vicki!
    I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you for the inspiration. I have noticed that I have gotten into the habit of worrying about aging. After hearing about your friend Kim and you getting published; I feel inspired to shake off the doldrums and chase some dreams! Take care!

    ❤ Alana

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