And I Thought it was Cold Here!

I just heard from my daughter and it was -20 last night at her house in the UP.  Needless to say, her propane bill is overwhelming this month. She just filled the tank and it is needing another fill already. Minus zero degree weather will cause your heater to go into overdrive.



It’s so cold they closed the schools.  Now in the UP, they keep the schools open during long bouts of cold weather, so it has to be impressively cold to stop the buses from running and the teachers from teaching.

It was so cold they sent out an advisory that you can become frostbitten in as little as ten minutes when outside so make sure your fingers are well covered to keep them safe.  The advisory used the word arctic at least four times.

So when you are like me and you open the door to let the dog go potty, and you shiver at the 31-degree weather, remember it could be really cold. It could be -20.

Stay warm!

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