Two Five Star Reviews For Dolcey

Thanks for the latest reviews for Pup in Training,  I poured my heart into this book to make sure that Tela and Dolcey both learned a valuable lesson.


Dolcey has her temper moments just like every other child and fairy. They are just as upsetting her Quince as they are human parents. When Dolcey acts immature and throws a fit, Quince decides it’s time for Dolcey to learn to give not receive all the time.

I hope you will join Chris and Cara and review on Amazon and or Goodreads.  They brought a smile to my face today.

Review copies can be arranged for special reviewing opportunities.  Just message me here or on Facebook at Sojourner McConnell.

IF children’s books are not your thing, I have a new totally different book that needs reviews, just ask about the other book,



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