Reviewing is Over For Me on Amazon

Last year, I was dealing with a lot and Amazon decided I didn’t have enough on me so they revoked all my reviews.  They accused me of being bought by authors for my reviews.  Maybe I should have reviewed books that I found distasteful so that I would have some lower marks but I review what appealed to me so most had decent stars. There were the occasions 2 and 3 stars but honestly, I found something of value in each book I read.

Instead of reviewing only on Goodreads I simply stopped reading and reviewing at all. It was like tossing out the baby with the bath water. But again to be truthful, I didn’t feel like reading anymore. I was hurt by Amazon’s accusations and actions.  I had Pup in Training written and I lost all interest in publishing it on Amazon.  I used my time to sulk and worry and make myself sick again.  ‘

January as I mentioned before I took my brother’s words and decided not to wallow any longer. To once again do what made me happy and forget about Amazon.  I published through Amazon it’s true, but I am also releasing the books on other platforms.

I hope the new year brings you all changes that make life better and that you’ll take a page from my book and not cut off your nose to spite your face. It is not worth the emptiness.

I am gathering my thoughts on my next project and I will keep you informed as it comes together.  Thank you for welcoming me back into the bloggers’ and authors’ fold.

I am also looking for someone that knows how to make those groovy 3-d books to advertise on the sidebar. If you can make me one I would love you forever.



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