Online Friends From Around the World

I admit I love the internet. Knowing I can log in to my laptop or phone and instantly connect to someone in Pakistan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, or Ireland means the world to me. It allows me to stretch my knowledge of how other people live.

Pakistan has been the biggest cultural difference to me and I have just fallen in love with the friendliness and intelligence of these people. Their faith is at the root of their culture and everything they do on a daily basis reflects that faith.   We have all seen Muslims kneeling facing east but really there is more to it than simple kneeling. There is an entire exercise regiment that goes with it. Their positioning is as much health based as a religion based action. Isn’t that cool?

They unexpectedly respect other faiths and do not insist on conversion as many Western religions They do want you to convert, they pray for your conversion but they do not force it. The cleanliness of the people, their foods, their cities, are amazing. I want to go to this country one day and see how friendly they are in person. Every blogger that has visited has fallen in love with these gentle and friendly people.

My friend in Pakistan I’ll call him Babu. Has been so generous with his time and knowledge and has embraced getting to know about my family and friends as I have his.  Sure there might be a little internet crush on this side of the world, but who does that hurt? He is adorable and quite handsome.  Babu lives in Lahore and wow is my knowledge about that city expanding. They are a modern and ancient city mixed together. Most bloggers take you to the old part of the city markets.  That kind of annoys Babu because it leaves a stone age mentality in our minds.  I actually thought most of Pakistan was a desert now I see it is oceans and mountains and rich fertile lands. I spend a lot of time thinking about this country. I even bought some pink salt direct from Pakistan.

This land of a kind and loving people that know they are a third world country and strive to break away from that.

Their money is used in unappreciated ways by a Government that like ours doesn’t always reflect the people’s will.  But unlike ours, they struggle against their own poverty and lack. Lack of medicines and lack of opportunities. They don’t lack in drive and ambition though.

erThey have the highest percentage of doctors exported in the world. They are brains and skillfully trained. Then they go on to care for their own people or move to other countries and care for the people there. Babu plans on coming to America to complete his residency and I am selfish I hope he stays here and finds a wonderful life here in the States.

Not all hospitals take residents that immigrate but still in all there are several choices for him to apply. I hope he chooses one near me. I would love to meet him in person and take him out to show him the beauty of Kentucky that he has shared with me about Pakistan. A word of warning Babu, don’t expect to find 11 million people here in the entire state of Kentucky like you have in the city of Lahore. We only have four million statewide.

When you log into the computer remember you can reach anywhere in the world. You might just find your new best friend waiting for you at the other side of the chat box. I know I have.

Want to know what I learned about Brazil? Stay tuned.

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