Shame on Amazon for Messing up Goodreads Giveaways

Goodreads is tainted

Goodreads used to be a great tool for authors, but now that Amazon owns them not so much. The author now has to pay to run a giveaway which is unfair as they are already paying for the printed books as well as postage and shipping. This leaves Indie authors at a disadvantage.

Free no more

It used to be you could promote your book there with no muss and no fuss, and for free. But Amazon in their corporate greed has taken that away from Indie authors.  Sure, I could pay to host a giveaway, but only a very few books are ever reviewed through a giveaway there is no real advantage to promoting in this manner.

Shame on you Amazon

Once again everything Amazon touches and buys turns sour for the small guy. It is a greedy move and it once again hurts Indie authors. Shame on you Amazon. You should remember when you were first starting and struggled. Not sit back as a corporate giant you’ve become and gouge innocent authors.


3 thoughts on “Shame on Amazon for Messing up Goodreads Giveaways

  1. Well, that sucks. I can’t believe it. I ran a few giveaways each time my books came out, but I think I may have gotten maybe ONE customer review from it despite giving away dozens of books so it really is not a way to get your book promoted and if you now have to pay, well, never again. Thanks for the heads up, Vicki.

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    1. IT is a shame that they took away something that had potential to assist indie authors, You”re welcome. It wasn’t perfect but it did allow people to add you to their to be read list. Eventually hopefully getting your book read. Now there is no promotional value I can find in Goodreads.

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