Anxiety Creeps in on Little Cat Feet

When the mania is high, I struggle with anxiety that comes creeping in like a fog. It sneaks up on me and causes me to feel dread. The overpowering sensation of being stopped at a red light and hearing the car behind you closing in with brakes squealing and no chance of stopping before it hits you. screeching That sinking feeling in your stomach that means doom is on the horizon and there is not a darn thing you can do to stop it.

My doctor does not believe in treating anxiety or dread with medicine. He says I must face that it is simply an unpleasant sensation that comes with my disease. I really do not want medicine for it, as I have been down that path and it led to a deeper depression.  So I tend to agree with his advice.

Yet, there is something so humorous about telling me that I must accept it as part of my disease. He usually doesn’t call my schizoaffective/bipolar a disease. Like I caught it from being too close to another bipolar person.  I tend to avoid school children during the winter months with their runny red noses and sticky hands, but I didn’t think to stay away from bipolar people.

germfree       Those darn bipolar germs are tough!wipes

There are some things antibacterial gel and wipes just does not do a thing for.

I hope that your anxiety is not overwhelming you in this weekend with hectic last minute plans crammed into the short two days off. Here it is hectic, but I have not been swamped with the feeling of dread, thankfully. A little apprehensive and skittish yes, but dread-filled and jittery, no.  It has been a good week with a lot of writing, a lot of noisy family members, and new blog posts. newblog

It has been a very good week.  How was yours?

How do you deal with overwhelming feelings and hypersensitive nervous reactions?  I would love to know some tips and tricks for dealing with them. Comment below and share!

10 thoughts on “Anxiety Creeps in on Little Cat Feet

  1. Have suffered with depression, OCD, learning disabilities, etc. etc. for years. What has finally helped me? Changing my diet and improving my gut environment, going from a very acid body to a normal, more alkaline body. I test my ph several times a day. Lower inflammation, less depression, less rumination, etc. etc. I got away from processed foods, sugar, and animal products as much as I could. What a difference – my entire attitude has lifted. I also have my vitamins and minerals tested yearly – and take the needed supplements, along with a B12 injection once a month. May not work for everybody – but it surely works for me. I understand where you are, Vicki, and I truly wish you the very best! 💜

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      1. Yes, that’s it. Good thoughts bring us on the way to our resources. We are the sorcerers who make our wishes come true. The rest is know-how. For example, Hanna Somatics.

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