After packing, Comes the Second Guessing

I leave for a two-week vacation tomorrow night. I have my bags packed and now I begin the process of did I remember to pack. This is more daunting than the actual packing. It triggers all my fears of leaving something important at home.  So I start my mental checklist,

  • meds, prescription refilled. Check. Packed in my purse.
  • Tickets being printed by the procrastinator tomorrow. Almost check.
  • Gifts for the children. Check, oh shoot! Nothing for the oldest or youngest. Egads, more shopping.
  • Tops that match the pants. Check.
  • Toiletries. Check. Ummm I think, I need to recheck that.
  • Signed books for the Michigan buyers.  Packed books but not yet signed. Pack a Pen.
  • Books packed for school reading. Check.
  • Dishes washed dried and put away. Check
  • Laundry finished and heavy duty winter clothes packed. Check
  • Trash outside before leaving. Gathered, waiting on the afternoon to toss.  Potentially a check.
  • Sleep. Check almost time to sleep.

Dog food packed ready to take to my Kentucky daughter so that Beau has his own food for the weeks. Check.  He has no clue this is happening. He would have recognized my old suitcase.  He doesn’t know I bought a new suitcase thus he is sleeping soundly as I do my mad dash of checks.

Night, that’s when the checking becomes even more diabolical. Trying to sleep as I do my last minute mental checks. It’s going to be a long night.

With confidence I say goodnight.  Oh darn, I forgot to pack the laptop power cables.  And off we go. Check, double check, and panic.



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