Self-conscious request for votes for Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas?

I admit, it is hard for me to ask, but I was nominated and I am allowed to share my nomination and ask for votes, so I am doing that.

I’m so excited because my book was just nominated for the 2017 Readers Choice Awards! Please vote for it at

The title is, Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? YOu can locate the nomination in the children’s section. I would appreciate your votes! I am so very excited to have been nominated!


I hope you will check in on my book in the Children’s book division and vote. It would be so appreciated! You will have to go over a few divisions to find Children’s but you might see another book you loved in a different section too.

This is an exciting moment for me.  If you want to read Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? You can ask for a signed physical copy at  In addition, the book as always it is available on Kindle and in paperback through Amazon,  Barnes and Noble and Books a Million.

I hope you will vote for this first book in the Docley series.  Your votes are extremely appreciated!!




Authors Talk About It 2017 Book Award Contest! Let’s Talk About It!

I stumbled upon an indie book award contest and after reading all the benefits, rewards, opportunities, and other prizes, I decided to enter.  What would make me, confirmed introverted indie book seller, enter a book award contest? Well, let me share my reasons!

These are my reasons for entering ATAI 2017 Book Award Contest. 

  1. I knew some of the finalists and winners of the ATAI 2016 Book Award Contest. I knew they were quality writers. So I trusted the team’s talent radar from the start.
  2. The Indie support of ATAI was spoken about with enthusiasm by the finalists and winners so I wanted to know more about the supporting team. The team offers specialized services to their clients. I will address these below.
  3. Free book promotion.
  4. ATAI Featured Author Interviews.
  5. Assistance with Book covers and book cover contests.
  6. Assistance with book blurbs and book blurb contests.
  7. ATAI’s Online Presence is stellar. When I went to their blog, I learned so much about their services and their talents. I also learned more about the groups on Facebook.
  8. ATAI’s Facebook Presence is nurturing. When I joined the groups Passionate Women Writers on Purpose and Authors Talk about it, I was taken with the commitment they offer to the indie authors that join in.

Now I get to talk about the contests.

What are some of the attractive features?

  • Great prizes on several different tiers.
  • Simple entry instructions.
  • Low entry fee.
  • Professional critique and review.
  • Support and guidance.
  • Amazing prize packages!


Authors Talk About It Services.

  • Editing
  • Bio Review and assistance
  • Book blurb assistance
  • Blogger information
  • Blog interviews
  • And even more!

This is one fantastic company that truly wants to help the indie author and provide a special experience for them. Check out the contests they are beginning and hosting currently.

Who can enter? 

  • Authors 18 years of age or older
  • Published book, unpublished books, manuscripts, and eBooks are accepted on the Authors Talk About It website.

Contest deadline is September 31, 2017.  

I hope you enjoy this special opportunity!


Of course, I have submitted my new book. I just have to share my own review/critique!


5 Stars

ATAI 5 Stars 900

Click here to get your copy!

Sojourner McConnell

An adorable chapter book for young children, Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? (The Dolcey Series) gives young girls a powerful life lesson while allowing them to step into a fantasy. Sojourner McConnell brings to life a young fairy who has powerful magic that she’s only just begun to start using to help others. When Dolcey here’s a child in need, she has been taught by her mother how to implement her powers to offer guidance and assistance. Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? is her first experience in actually getting to help. She hears a young girl named Emily and rushes off to not only find her but help her get through the challenging time she is facing.

The colorful imagery within Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas?, illustrated by Ellie Barrett, add an additional element of fun and fantasy to Sojourner McConnell’s story. These occasional images help bridge a gap between young students who are ready to read more difficult books and embrace more complex concepts with readers who aren’t quite ready to give up the picture book feel. Who’s That in the Pajamas? is a very well-written story and has a fun story line all while sharing a message of hope and a lesson on how to cope with big life changes that are out of one’s control. Sojourner McConnell’s Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas?, the first in her The Dolcey Series, would make for a wonderful tool for parents who are looking for something to help their children deal with a big move away from family and friends. It’s simply a must read!

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.