Week 2 -3 in the Michele Elizabeth Personal & Spiritual Development course

I shared with you all how exciting and life changing week one was of the personal and spiritual development course was. Now I want to share with you the next two weeks of actual processing. Week one was finding the triggers and isolating the words and the corresponding feelings that the words evoked.

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Week two and three were the processing. I am not going to share her procedures as I am not equipped to do so and I can never express the knowledge I gained from Michele.

The point of the processing is to take the negatives and change the way you react to them.  The words that make you feel like you are not worthy of the positives in life, need to be addressed, changed and that takes processing.

When I was learning the processes they clicked in my mind and allowed me to see how I have been punishing myself by holding on to little hurts and slights. Now I am able to accept that those were not personal. They were not about me, they were about the person that lashed out instead of dealing with their own problems.

Now, I am working on not personalizing slights and hurtful comments. I do not have to embrace hurtful things. They do not make me less than I was before they were spoken. After all this time, I do not have to embrace other people’s words and thoughts. I just have to make peace with them.  Making peace with the past and the present means I can be truly happy and joyful.

The ego is the part that keeps us hurting, blocked from blessings and forgiveness of our own mistakes. Our ego is quite the little manipulator. It is there to protect the status quo. Michele showed us how to get past that ego and find peace and joy.

This course was invaluable to me. It was worth the time, energy and tears that I spent.  Learning to process the pain away has made me see the entire world differently.

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Michele Elizabeth

Her joy shines through in everything she does and teaches. I am finding the joy that I had searched for all my life. It is a wonderful journey and there is so much to change to make it all joy filled.

An Outstanding 8-week Course on Personal and Spiritual Development with Michele Elizabeth

I consider myself a phase one graduate today. I have completed the most ambitious and self-valuing experience of my life.  What did I learn?  I am going to try to share just a portion of the gifts I gained over the 8 weeks. The great part, I get to continue training and growing.

First, let me introduce you to Michele Elizabeth Life Coach and Mystic.

Michele Elizabeth

Having worked for herself and run many successful businesses since the age of 20, Michele also put herself through University and earned a BSc (Hons) in Psychology with The OU.


Growing up Michele always thought that she would be a Journalist until life changed her path and she began questioning her own thoughts and emotions and so began her journey of self- discovery.


Michele was born able to sense the energy of others, causing a great deal of confusion growing up but she didn’t start to consciously develop her psychic and then mystic abilities until she was in her mid 20’s. By the time she was in her 30’s she was using her Mystic abilities not only in her personal life but also in the practical day to day running of her businesses, much to the amazement of her employees.


Although Michele has had many successful businesses over the years in many different sectors her love has always been helping people unlock their true potential. She spent many years as a counsellor, hypnotherapist and Meditation teacher until life once again took her in another direction.

 Michele Elizabeth 1

Let’s learn more about her from her website. Enter 

I bet like most people you want a happy purposeful life.

A life with no stress, worries and burdens.

To live debt free with an abundance of money allowing you to really live your life.

You probably want to work less and live more, more time for family and friends, longer holidays and leisure time.

You want to make an impact on your world, to give something in service of others. To be bold enough to stand up and say this is who I am.

To be free from illness, physical mental and emotional

To live surrounded by love and laughter


These are just some of things that most of us want and rightly so, it isn’t a matter of deserving it nor is it out of your reach, it is all yours to have if that’s what you choose.


I did it and I am living a consistently joyful and abundant life, so can you.




I committed myself to my own journey of self-discovery and development. I began looking within for the reasons my life was unhappy and this is what I discovered;”

I started the course with an open mind and was interested in how a life coach could help an old bird like me.  Day 1 the processing was explained and it was like a light shone down on my brain and I connected with what she was saying.

What was she saying?  I will give you my non-professional answer.  She was saying that when you feel attacked by words or actions of another, tt is not their problem it is a problem within you. She asked us to look at a time when we felt attacked. I had something that totally pushed my buttons first thing that morning. So I wrote it down. I read it back. I squeezed out the emotion I felt at that moment and the words and actions that had caused that much reaction from me.

From that moment I began the homework that Michele calls processing,  I began to change my own perception of me. The secret perception with all the hurts of a lifetime, the mean names I have been called, the intentional slights that cut to the quick. All those secret times I told myself I deserve to be treated unfairly because of all these moments, memories, and emotions in my mind. When someone accidentally stepped on my sore emotional toes. I went emotionally ballistic.

One week later, with the techniques, she showed in just the first lesson, I was able to step back, remind myself of my new philosophy of value, worth, love and acceptance, allowing the pain of just one week earlier to stop.

I applied it to one trigger, then I applied it to another, and then another. Each one disappeared. It was unbelievable. I was doing this for myself with Michele’s teachings and techniques. I am over 50 and I have been a wounded pup most of those years. Now I am not hurt. I am not being constantly relegated to mean names and derogatory terms. I truly feel I have worth… value… meaning.

I truly was like, no way! I am pretending not to be hurt. I have to be pretending to myself it is all ok. but it was real. I really felt that I was ok even when someone was doing the same things that a week prior caused me such pain. I was not being hurt. I was able to release that and not feel the triggers that had been so out of control 6 days earlier.

Now when someone changes their game plan to get under my skin, I pause and listen to the words. I accept those words are not me. They do not represent me. I am not mean, I am not crazy, I am not selfish. I am getting better every day and I am not saying I am perfect, I am just not allowing the old words to cause me pain.

It is like spring zoomed into my mind and my spirit and the deer are frolicking about in my heart. I heard birds chirping and sat outside and listened as I meditated on this new opportunity. I am renewed.

Perhaps you saw the video I posted on Facebook where the birds were singing and I wrote out Morning Has Broken word by emotional word.

Morning has broken like the first morning Blackbird has spoken like the first bird. Praise for the singing Praise for the morning. Praise for them springing fresh from the world.

The morning had truly broken in my heart and in my mind. I had been provided tools to keep the morning breaking fresh and new every day. I now have that power in me.

This was just week one.

Each week was a different lesson. Each week provided insight into a different aspect of finding the internal happiness that I longed for. I will be posting and linking back to this post. I will also be linking back to Michele Elizabeth’s pages.  This journey has just begun.

I will be sharing in seven more posts a bit of what I found. Believe me, I will only be touching the highlights. There was just so much to learn. Join in the recap of the most powerful eight weeks ever.

This is the most emotional review I have ever written and week one earned   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ‘s