Lexington Legendary Book Bash 2019

I am fortunate enough to have secured a spot at the Lexington Legendary Book Bash occurring Saturday, March 23, 2019. I was afraid I had let the date slip past to sign up but I was thrilled to be told I can still sign up and participate.


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John Macdonald Shares his Vision in Photos and Words

I have read and reviewed several of John McDonald’s Photographic books both here and on amazon. His photos really show Michigan as a diverse and picturesque state. Today, he and I decided to share his photos with you in a rare sneak peek.

I am also going to show you where you can pick up this jewel with the hopes that you will review it and share his name as an up and coming author and photographer.

So let’s show some of these beautiful photographs and see what Mr. Macdonald has to say about his own work.

Deer Lake Pano John MacDonald
Deer Lake Panoramic view

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