Introducing New Music by Ralph Lee Ridenour

I have stumbled upon an excellent musician. not just a singer but one of those true musicians that write his own lyrics creates the music in all forms and records his compositions.  I am providing four of his songs that touched me in many ways. There were other songs that pulled to me but I didn’t want to share all his work on here.  Let’s get to know Ralph Lee Ridenour.

Ralph Lee Ridenour has been creating original music his entire life. He has been writing as far back as he can remember and his first song was written at 6 years old and was entitled I love you baby, baby, baby.

As a musician he has lived and worked in Hollywood, San Francisco, Nashville and has settled in the neighboring city of Lexington, Kentucky. This is where it was my pleasure to meet this very talented man.

Ralph Lee Ridenour has a history of filling music halls in many cities around the country. Now it is Kentucky’s turn to host this musical marvel.  When he sings it is brilliant. His harmonies make me close my eyes and just listen to his words. Even when the song is rock it comes across as deep and touches me in a nice way.  Queen of Chaos is hard hitting and I loved it.  I really had a difficult time choosing which songs to share. So my suggestion is that you subscribe to his YouTube channel and hear them all.

When asked what he wants for the future, he simply responded, ” I want to survive it.”

When you look to become a fan here is where you can find Ralph Lee Ridenour.  Surround him with your musical love and let him know which songs you loved most.










Music Review: Drinking from a Salt Pond by Run River North

This is a little different from what I usually review, but I wanted to share the music of this wonderful Alternative / Indie band.  The music from Run River North is fresh and unique.  This band comes from San Fernando Valley, California.You can find them on Facebook, Instagram  and Twitter

I give the new album Drinking from A Salt Pond ***** stars. The album was released on  February 26, 2016. The band writes their own music and lyrics and they have brought a more rock flavor to this album. Drinking from A Salt Pond contains 10 original songs. The song 29 was written to celebrate Alex’s birthday. This is a sensitive and deeply emotional album.

Drinking from A Salt Pond.


The members of the band are:

  • Alex Hwang (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar)
  • Daniel Chae (Electric Guitar/Violin)
  • Jennifer Rim (Violin)
  • Joseph Chun (Bass)
  • John Chong (Drums)
  • Sally Kang (Vocals/Keys)
Run River North

I pulled this photo from their website because it features the cover of their new album. I absolutely love the sound of Alex Hwang’s voice. His voice is so melodic and just touches my heart when I listen.  When Sally Kang sings she brings the most beautiful tone to the song. Then there is John Chong on the drums. Oh my gosh he brings it when he plays them. I love to watch him play those drums.  The violinists are amazing. They bring such beauty to the songs. It makes it have such a great classical sound.  Each member of the band is so talented, that they work so well together and bring the most beautiful music.

I am going to share two videos with you.  Both songs are beautiful and the lyrics are just as wonderful as the music. ENjoy both of the songs.

Run or Hide by Run River North

That video is featured on the album and is also available as a single at  iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play and through the Run River North Website.  The album, Drinking from A Salt Pond, is available as a CD, vinyl, and on  MP3.

This next song is Run River North – Seven from the B side of the album.

The beauty of the lyrics and the tone of Alex’s voice is so intense in this song. I have turned into quite the fan of this band. I can’t wait for them to come to my neck of the woods so I can see them live.  They are as attractive as they are talented.

I hope you will take a few minutes, listen and enjoy the music from Run River North. If you already know them, then let me know your favorite songs. I am always wanting to hear more from them.

There are other albums available from Run River North. You can listen and see their progression. They have amazing songs on each of their previous albums.