Trying on a New SEO Hat. May I help you?

For the last few weeks (read months) I have been gathering all the information I could muster about marketing, Search engine optimization or (SEO), Google analytics and other basic successful blog instructions. After studying and gaining confidence, I  offered to help another blogger out with growing his brand.

He graciously agreed to let me muck about in his blog and I believe he is happy with the end results.  Where there had previously been a wall of text, he now has categories that are easily found and searchable.  Check out his new menu, it is a thing of beauty.  Working in bot friendly information as well as traffic driving analytics, we are looking to see if there is a shift in his viewers.

new look

There was also some reworking of his SEO and that should make a huge difference in his traffic. Learning how to use the correct and traffic luring keywords while at the same time, making the Google Bots happy, hopefully will increase his visibility.  His website is  Hop over there and take a look. Be sure and read his eye opening articles. They are filled with little known and unknown information.  Tell him Vicki sent you.  ( In other words leave him a comment 🙂 ) He gave me permission to share his reworked product and my fun, blog tweaking activities, with you.


S E OIf you want a bit of tweaking on your own website or blog, let me know. I will be happy to help you out. I am willing to share what I have learned and I will even rework it for you inexpensively  if you need more of a hands on approach with menu building or SEO and keywords instruction and placement.  If you do not want me to share your reworked blog, I can keep it quiet too.  My purpose on this planet is to help out where I can. So let me help you.

A few tips about SEO, using the tags and categories wisely. A word to the wise, less is more, but make them count. Back link to the other posts on the same subject and help the Google Bots out. They in turn will help you grow an audience and share your ideas easier.

You can always reach me at I enjoy helping out and learning in the process. Learning curves are the best when they are large and extremely arched.