New Book Release Announcement

I have been off writing and publishing for a bit and I am thrilled to say, I’m back. I took a year off to deal with some personal problems and family situations.  I lost my brother my beautiful baby brother this year and his illness and death just put me into a mental fog. I am adjusting to his absence and as he asked me not to wallow in grief, I followed his instructions and finished publishing my latest children’s book.

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Special Opportunity for Children’s Book Authors on Facebook

Authors that would like to have a real live audience with comments and the frequent heart and thumbs up emoji will love the opportunity that Discovering Diversity Publishing and Kids Club on Facebook provide.  Here is a chance that you will simply adore!


The offer is up for children to come together and watch and listen to an author read their own books live on Facebook. Sojourner McConnell read Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? last night and once the nerves settled, it became fun. It was thrilling knowing that my words were coming to life for children that had not yet read the book. When reading, I might have bobbled a few sentences. True I had to wear my glasses while reading. That was one thing I had not planned in advance, so my glasses totally did not match my outfit. Lesson learned!


Here is the video and I hope you enjoy if you take the time to listen. This is my first children’s book, as well as first reading. I do hope I get better. You might notice Beau coming in for story hour. He felt he needed pettings while I was reading. Not that that isn’t distracting.  I enjoyed my grandson Nathan hanging out with me and manning the camera. It was much better than if it had truly gone dead during the reading.  (a distinct possibility if he wasn’t helping) So my thanks to Discovering Diversity for allowing me to take this step into live readings and book fairs.

Not only did Discovering Diversity Publishing host the reading, they allowed my book on their site for one month. That is a lovely bonus that comes with the reading. This is exactly what a new author needs, exposure.

DD Publishing

Children’s authors check out this site. It is an excellent opportunity and I love to share an amazing opportunity when I find one.  If you know of any special opportunities, share with me and I will share as well. The word of mouth and blog is a special tool we have to get our work out into the public eye.  Share with me! I will share with you!

If you like my book after listening and want a signed copy for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, just comment below and I will make that happen.  Or contact me here Mention the book on the subject line, please.  I will ship out immediately.

I am adding a new feature to the blog which shares the lovely readers that have already gotten their copy and sent me pictures of them reading. Those pictures are always welcome and make me feel so wonderful. So please share your reader with their books.  Same for anyone that has read The Path of the Child. I will host your photo as well. I love hearing from people all ages that have read the books.   This picture came from last nights reading and shows a family enjoying the story hour.  Thank you lovely family for sharing this evening with me and Dolcey!

Family time reading

For more information on any of the above, just ask. I am all about sharing what I know.  Let’s brainstorm together!