Doe Deere: The Incredible Business Woman Behind Lime Crime

Doe Deere: The Incredible Business Woman Behind Lime Crime

Being a successful business owner takes a lot more than just having a good idea. It takes time, effort and more importantly, love for your product and company. Most successful business owners will stand by the fact that their business revolves around the things that they are most passionate about.  Doe Deere is one such businesswoman who has taken her love for makeup to a whole new level and has transformed it into one of the most well-known makeup brands on the market today.

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Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to the United States when she was just seventeen. She wanted to make it big on the music scene and started out in the big apple. This was during the nineties, where fashion experimentation was still in its infancy. Doe Deere was known throughout the music circuit not just for her incredible voice, but also for the beauty looks that she put together. She has always been one for eccentric looks and bold colors and knew that she had to wear those in the form of makeup as well. She then went on to make her own makeup in the colors that she wanted, because she could not find it in stores. This has always been one of the founding principles of a good business – finding a void in the market and then filling it. There was a void in the market for makeup that was bold and beautiful, and Doe Deere decided to fill that with the beauty of Lime Crime.


Several years later, and Lime Crime has become a cult favorite. The brand was one of the first to accurately make the use of online and social media advertising and was one of the few that brought on the trend of getting Instagram models to showcase their products. Doe Deere herself is one of the faces of Lime Crime and advertises her products to the one billion of followers that she has on Instagram and other social media sites.


Today, Lime Crime has grown beyond what Doe Deere ever imagined it to be. The brand has expanded beyond the usual beauty products and now has its own range of hair dyes and also makeup tools. Fashion lovers all over the world turn to Lime Crime as a fix to their eccentric makeup needs. Lime Crime is a perfect example of taking a passion and turning it into a success.