Anxiety Creeps in on Little Cat Feet

When the mania is high, I struggle with anxiety that comes creeping in like a fog. It sneaks up on me and causes me to feel dread. The overpowering sensation of being stopped at a red light and hearing the car behind you closing in with brakes squealing and no chance of stopping before it hits you. screeching That sinking feeling in your stomach that means doom is on the horizon and there is not a darn thing you can do to stop it.

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Shame on Amazon for Messing up Goodreads Giveaways

Goodreads is tainted

Goodreads used to be a great tool for authors, but now that Amazon owns them not so much. The author now has to pay to run a giveaway which is unfair as they are already paying for the printed books as well as postage and shipping. This leaves Indie authors at a disadvantage.

Free no more

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Living Near Fort Boonesborough

When I first relocated to Winchester Kentucky I had no clue that it was so close to the Richmond home of Daniel and Rebecca Boone.  I used to watch reruns of Daniel Boone with my Grandparents and loved that show.

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Review Copies Available

I am looking for a handful of new reviews on my books. If you are interested in reading one or more of them, message me.

I’m looking for honest reviews in three different genre. If you have a little room on your reading list consider one of these five books.

Reviews can be on Amazon and Goodreads. Barnes and Noble reviews are appreciated too.

Thank you,

Sojourner McConnell



Online Friends From Around the World

I admit I love the internet. Knowing I can log in to my laptop or phone and instantly connect to someone in Pakistan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, or Ireland means the world to me. It allows me to stretch my knowledge of how other people live.

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All you KindleUnlimited Readers, Look here!

HI all you KU readers, I am happy to announce that you can read The Path of the Child for free.  I made the decision to allow The Path to be available on KU for a limited amount of time. I hope you will read it while it’s available there.

The Path of the Child is the story of a troubled teenager who has been disconnected from a loving family her entire life. She has learned through reading how to interact with others. Melanie has gone through high school with only one thing on her mind, getting the most from the time away from home. She meets a young man from school and they set off on an adventure piecing together Melanie’s past and finding a road to her future. A positive message for readers of any age.

Back of the book:

Seventeen-year-old Melanie Easton lives in a loveless home with her negligent, self-absorbed, and potentially dangerous mother. Consequently, she knows loneliness. Unexpectedly offered a ride with a classmate, Robert Reynolds, Melanie finds there is more to people than she ever imagined. Living in self-imposed anonymity, Melanie struggles to survive without becoming bitter and hate filled.

After being befriended by Robert Reynolds, windows of opportunity open for Melanie. Accordingly, the road to discovery divulges there may be reasons for her strange home life. The reasons she never imagined until she begins unraveling the documents hidden away, until now.

Out of the discovery of the secrets, lies, and deceptions, come the possibility for exciting changes. Perhaps along with the answers, comes the opportunity for genuine happiness.

A suspenseful story that will engage your heart and mind with hopefulness and admiration for Melanie’s courage and willingness for self-discovery and personal growth.

The reviews have compared The Path of the Child to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn in emotion.  With a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the reviews have been great.

Lexington Legendary Book Bash 2019

I am fortunate enough to have secured a spot at the Lexington Legendary Book Bash occurring Saturday, March 23, 2019. I was afraid I had let the date slip past to sign up but I was thrilled to be told I can still sign up and participate.


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Looking for Vegetarian dishes with low cholesterol

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost two years now and suddenly my cholesterol is high. I suppose it has to do with the cheese dishes I have been making.  Cheese has become my main staple. Therefore, I am asking if anyone has any simple to fix noncheese delicious vegetarian dishes I can try.

I have tried the veggie crumbles meat replacement and am not a huge fan. I love the chicken and burger flavored patties though.

To be honest out of my lack of knowledge I have tried simply cutting meat out of things like spaghetti according to the Fix it and Forget it Vegetarian Cookbook a friend sent me and that works great, but I am looking for the quick replacement for cheese quesadilla I have been relying on for lunches.

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What tastes as delicious as cheese but doesn’t have the cholesterol I need to replace?

I live alone so quick and simple works best for me. Maybe it’s not even the cheese making my cholesterol rise, I am not sure, I just know I need to adjust it.  I would love to hear from you to get my cholesterol on the downward track.




Reviewing is Over For Me on Amazon

Last year, I was dealing with a lot and Amazon decided I didn’t have enough on me so they revoked all my reviews.  They accused me of being bought by authors for my reviews.  Maybe I should have reviewed books that I found distasteful so that I would have some lower marks but I review what appealed to me so most had decent stars. There were the occasions 2 and 3 stars but honestly, I found something of value in each book I read.

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Two Five Star Reviews For Dolcey

Thanks for the latest reviews for Pup in Training,  I poured my heart into this book to make sure that Tela and Dolcey both learned a valuable lesson.

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