5 Star Review For Pup in Training

Pup in Training received a five-star review from Prairies Book Reviews today and what a wonderful feeling that was. I am adding it to the editorial review on Amazon.

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Review: A Peculiar School by J. Schlenker



A Peculiar School 

J. Schlenker (Goodreads Author)



Vicki Turner Goodwin‘s review

Feb 09, 2019


It was an amazing read. 


This is the most curious tale of animals written in their own voice that I have read. I enjoyed meeting Owen, Theodore, luce, and Ethel as well as all the other carefully woven characters. The writing is crisp and thought-provoking. With characters that range from earthy to genius, each is well examined by Schlenker.
J has a way of creating an entire world for her animals that is both real and fantastic. I wanted to know more about these guys. An excellent read with heart and intelligence.
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Mania How it Works and How you can Work With it

Mania sounds simple enough. I mean how many of us heard our mother telling us not to run around like a maniac. I know mine did. Little did she know, that one day she would find out I truly struggled with Mania.  Does that make me a maniac? I hope not, but it probably does. Continue reading “Mania How it Works and How you can Work With it”

Anxiety Creeps in on Little Cat Feet

When the mania is high, I struggle with anxiety that comes creeping in like a fog. It sneaks up on me and causes me to feel dread. The overpowering sensation of being stopped at a red light and hearing the car behind you closing in with brakes squealing and no chance of stopping before it hits you. screeching That sinking feeling in your stomach that means doom is on the horizon and there is not a darn thing you can do to stop it.

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Shame on Amazon for Messing up Goodreads Giveaways

Goodreads is tainted

Goodreads used to be a great tool for authors, but now that Amazon owns them not so much. The author now has to pay to run a giveaway which is unfair as they are already paying for the printed books as well as postage and shipping. This leaves Indie authors at a disadvantage.

Free no more

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Living Near Fort Boonesborough

When I first relocated to Winchester Kentucky I had no clue that it was so close to the Richmond home of Daniel and Rebecca Boone.  I used to watch reruns of Daniel Boone with my Grandparents and loved that show.

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Review Copies Available

I am looking for a handful of new reviews on my books. If you are interested in reading one or more of them, message me.

I’m looking for honest reviews in three different genre. If you have a little room on your reading list consider one of these five books.

Reviews can be on Amazon and Goodreads. Barnes and Noble reviews are appreciated too.

Thank you,

Sojourner McConnell