Book Review: A Dubious Mission by Gerald J. Kubicki

A Dubious Mission (Colton Banyon Mysteries, #1)A Dubious Mission by Gerald J. Kubicki
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Gerald Kubicki has written a wonderful completely mesmerizing book called A Dubious Mission. This story starts in the 1930’s and carries all the way through to current day. It does it so effortlessly that it is easy to keep up with all the characters, their plights and their accomplishments. The characters are written so well that you understand the reasons for all they do.

Walter Pierce starts out as a child in the book and by following his life, you know what makes him tick. You see his character traits as well as his character flaws. He is human but he has strength of character that sometimes feels like it leaves him on occasion. But he always finds his nobility again. He is likable and you are not sure exactly if you are supposed to like him. Walter then shares more about himself and he kind of disgusts you. He is all inclusive. He is a exactly what I would describe as a conundrum.

There is Colton Banyon. He is a man that has lived a normal life. Now he has found himself in a terrible situation for the last year and has no clue why. He knows he did nothing wrong except he had to say he had caused an accident. He no longer could trust anyone, especially the police. I, as a reader can not blame him. He has some odd events happening and he is feeling pretty paranoid.

The acting Police Chief and Agent Loni Chen are great. There are laughs and quirky moments between Loni and Colton. All in all this book is so interesting and so full of historic events and colorful stories, I can’t help but love it.

The book had an explosive finale that was perfectly satisfying and unexpected.

Then the fact that there are eight other books in the series. That made me even more happy. I am off to garner book two. You should read this series, I know I am going to. Excellent work by Gerald Kubicki.

A Dubious Mission (A Colton Banyon Mystery Book 1) is available in hardback, paperback and Kindle Edition through Amazon

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