The Shepherds of Donaldson Park has a Facebook Page!

Sojourner McConnell, Zach, Molly, Drew, Morgan,  Hans and I, want to invite you to like the new  Shepherds of Donaldson Park  Facebook page.

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There are a few pictures of some of the main characters in this upcoming contemporary novel. With exciting events planned as we travel on this journey to release. This is my first attempt at humor and romance so I am very happy.

I hope you will join me as we prepare for the official cover reveal and character blurbs. Of course,  I will be posting similar events on this blog, but you know, it is Facebook and that will make it more fun, more interactive and just a lot more of a group event.We hope you will like the new page and follow along on this journey.

Today the manuscript went to the editor for a final edit. I am nervous and stoked at the same time. He is going to find my little grammar errors and my little typos that have skated past the proofreading, the beta readers, and my read through.  Those are so embarrassing, but he is very thorough so I know he will find some.

Today is just an emotionally high day! Thank you for sharing it with me.

Meet the crew:

Morgan Payton : Career woman determined to achieve her newly revised list of goals one item at a time.

Drew Anderson: Thoroughbred horse breeder living on the outskirts of Lexington Kentucky. Learning the horse business from the ground up.

Jude: Best friend to both woman and beasts.

Zach: Black Tri Australian Shepherd with an arch nemesis or two.

Molly: Red Tri Australian Shepherd born to lead and born to run, loves ducks.

Hans: 6-month-old German Shepherd  attempting to keep both ears up and his chewing to a minimum.











New Review on Goodreads for The Path of the Child.

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The Path of the Child by Sojourner McConnell

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Book Review: Remember Me Always by Angela Snyder

Remember Me Always (A Southern Contemporary Romance)Remember Me Always by Angela Snyder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Remember Me Always is an amazing tension filled book. Penny Preston and Colton were always in love from childhood on. Until Penny went to college and everything changed. After five years she returns back to her home town in Alabama. There she finds that the world is not as clear cut as she imagined. Colton has no memory of her or the love they shared. He has changed and not entirely for the better. Yes, he is much hotter as a grown man, but he is wounded, angry and damaged.

The side characters were just as well formed and as interesting as the main. Everyone was rooting for something to change. For the situation to not be so painfully scrambled. Buddy remembered them as a couple. He had been part of their daily lives, now he watched as Penny struggled to find the old Colton. Buddy watched as Colton struggled to stay lost in his memoryless past.

The story is told from both Colton and Penny’s viewpoint and it is an emotional story. The writing is brilliant. The characters were so alive and so genuine, I was crying half way through. I do not cry very often at books.

Angela Snyder drew me in completely. I hurt when they hurt, I rejoiced when they found happiness and I was puzzled by so many twists and turns that were driving Penny and Colton crazy, just as it was me. I found myself detesting one of the side characters. She was just horrible. I was shaking from emotion while reading this book. It is a wonderfully intense book.

This is my first book by Angela Snyder. If this is an example of the heart she puts into her books, I want to read more from her. If you love heart felt tender stories about finding love against the odds, then I would say, this book is for you! It is exceptional.

You can find Remember Me Always for Kindle and free through KindleUnlimited on Amazon

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