Book Reviews:Cupid’s Arrow by Mary Jean Adams

Cupid's ArrowCupid’s Arrow by Mary Jean Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was phenomenal. I thought Christiana Saint-Ange cold at first, but there was something that compelled me to want to like her. I did learn to like her. In fact I learned to respect her and empathize with her. I learned that she had endured enough in her life to make anyone hard on the outside.

How could I not fall in love with Neil blakely? He was a colonial american ship’s captain with the soul of Don Quixote. He was the perfect sea captain and the perfect hero. What a beautiful story this was with love and pain mixed with a great adventure. Neil was such a warm compassionate and fair man. He earned the respect of all that came in contact with him. No matter how much Christiana wanted to dislike him, she failed.

A special visit from Mont Trignon from the earlier book Le Chevalier, made it even better.

Mary Jean Adams has really done an outstanding job with these colonial american’s and their love stories. I truly want to read more about these heroic early Americans. I requested a chance to review this book and was given a copy in order to do so. I am so glad I did.

I am including below the review for Le Chevalier so that you can read more about Mont Trignon. Each book is a stand alone, but it certainly made seeing Honre, Mont Trignon again a pleasure after reading Le Chevalier

Le ChevalierLe Chevalier by Mary Jean Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the most beautiful story of Alex Turner. Alexandra and her twin brother Reid have inherited a tavern from their deceased father. Alex runs the tavern while Reid pursues other interests. Le Chevalier is escorting a French diplomat, Marquis de Lafayette. The Marquis had come to America to see if the king of France should intervene in the revolutionary war. The meeting of the main characters happens under the most unexpected circumstances.

Le Chevalier de Mont Trignon happens to be dressed as a French matron named Marie de Noailles in order to gain information. Marie attends a dance posing as the aunt of the Marquis de Lafayette.

For some reason that is a mystery to him Honre, Le Chevalier,is quite taken with this unassuming woman he notices blending in at the dance. He wonders if she is involved in spying or some other business. He then finds out that she is Alex Turner and she is the owner of the tavern where he decides to become a regular customer. He has need of the brother’s information and desire for the sister. He follows her home and is even more intrigued by her.

The story is full of emotion and adventure as they all are hiding secrets that have to do with the war effort. It is quite entertaining to see Honre and Marie try not to be in the same place at the same time. There is so much humor in the tale. I really just loved Honre, even when they were calling him Trig. He was such a wonderful man. He was caring and a gentleman. His actions were so honorable and lovely.

This book makes me realize I have only been reading about English and American heroes and there are beautiful loving French heroes to read about. I really loved the family and friends that made up the list of characters. I would love more stories on this family. They were great!

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