Love Beyond Hope (Morna’s Legacy, #3) by Bethany Claire

Love Beyond Hope (Morna's Legacy, #3)Love Beyond Hope by Bethany Claire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you have read the other Morna’s Legacy books leading up to Love Beyond Hope, then you already know who Boadan McMillan is.

He is the Laird of the McMillan castle and the cousin of Bri’s husband, Eoin. Boadan lost his wife many years earlier and has hardened his heart against love for anyone. He has resentments that he carries around with him all the time.

Mitsy Fredrickson is Bri’s best friend from Texas and has just realized her marriage was not as it seemed. She decides to head to Scotland to lick her wounds and look up her friend Bri. In order to find Bri, she has to go back to Morna’s inn and start her search from there. Mitsy is up to the task. She is a fiery redhead that has known some hard times. She can typically take care of herself.

Mitsy follows all of Morna’s instructions and is surprised to find herself in a crazy medieval cos play. Mitsy finds herself quite attracted to Baodan. She insists on being taken to Bri and thus begins their attraction.

This book was wonderful. The feelings that the story evokes is real. The fears, the unreality of her situation is brilliantly told. I have loved each of these stories, but this one touched my heart in a different way. It was humorous and lovable. The characters all have a special place in my heart now. I can not wait to find out more about Eoghanan. That will be a great story I can already tell. He is the unofficial brother of Boadan and Niall.

It was great to see Aileen and Her husband in this book. I love when you get to know the entire cast of characters like I have in the Morna’s Legacy series. I can not wait to delve into the next book and see where that takes me. It could be modern day or we might be going back to the seventeenth century. Either way I know that Bethany Claire will make me one happy girl finding out.

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Book Reviews 1 – 2.5 of the Morna’s Legacy by Bethany Claire

This is the review of the first three books in the Morna’s Legacy series by Bethany Claire.

Love Beyond Time (Morna's Legacy #1)Love Beyond Time by Bethany Claire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Excellent time travel

This book was great. The story filled with heart and excitement. I really enjoyed the history and the romance aspects of the book. Eoin Conell lived in the fourteenth century and had died in his castle under mysterious circumstances. In 2013 one room of Eoin’s Castle that had not been destroyed room was located during an archaeological dig.

Briell Montgomery’s mother was an archaeologist and had been given a grant to work the dig. She took Bri with her and while there in that small underground room Briell was transported to the fourteenth century.

The story builds as the characters learn to understand each other and come to terms with the exchange that took place. Blair, Eoin’s bride to be was sent to the twenty first century. Bri knows enough of the history to know that doom was lurking in the very near future. She had to help Eoin and his family if she could. Even if that meant losing her heart.
It is just the most detailed story. I reread it because it was such a good story. I am ready to read the second book now.

Love Beyond Reason (Morna's Legacy, #2)Love Beyond Reason by Bethany Claire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Arran Conall was the brother of Eoin, the Laird of Castle Conall. Arran was losing himself to the grief he felt after sending his love Blaire MacChristy forward into the twentieth century. In the first book of the series (love Beyond Time) Arron and Blaire were separated as the story of Eoin and Briell Montgomery was told.

Now he grieves for her and doesn’t know how to get her back. He makes some hasty decisions that he may live to regret.

Blaire is not accustomed to the modern concepts and appliances of the new time she finds herself in and is slow to adjust. When she is facing a chance to go back and follow her heart she decides to go back. Once there, nothing is as perfect as she had imagined. There were some huge announcements that would attempt to break her. could she be strong and live with the decision she had made. So many pitfalls and twists and turns befell these two that it almost seemed deliberate.

IT is another wonderful read. It made me anxious and happy and sad for them all. So much happens in this story that it is impossible to become bored. I am anxious to read more about these couples and their families in the following books. This book was every bit as good as the first.

A Conall Christmas (Morna's Legacy, #2.5)A Conall Christmas by Bethany Claire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Adelle has been living with Bri and Eoin Conall ever since she came back to the fourteenth century. It is Christmas time and everyone is settled into the castle for the winter. Adelle has some ideas for the first Christmas there with the family and sets about the changing of minds about the holidays.

Hew Moray has been living alone in his cabin for decades. He only comes out to make his pilgrimage to his wife’s grave. The trip usually takes a few days and he becomes stranded due to the heavy snow fall and seeks refuge at his sister’s place of employment. He tries to keep his distance as he is a solitary man but the family welcomes him against his wishes.

There are many special moments in this short book that make it worth the read. Not only do you get to see All the Conall’s again, but there have been some changes.

It is a lovely story of people that have lived a life and still have more to live. I enjoyed this book a lot and want to continue on in the series. Another great job, Bethany Claire. Loved the story!

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