A Lovely Award Nomination!


Blogger recognition award


Thank you, Robbie Cheadle from Robbie’s Inspiration for nominating me for this award. Robbie was sweet enough to nominate me for this as I was recuperating from Mystery Thriller Week.  I really appreciate you thinking of me.
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Award and After Party for Mystery Thriller Week

Last night I was up with so many of the authors, bloggers, fans, readers, experts and organizers of the Mystery Thriller Week.  After 4 months of planning, 11 days of reviews, guest posts, interview posting, and hosting live events, the week came to a close.

Did we learn a lot during this colossal event? Yes! We did!

  1. If you built it, they will come, bringing books, reviews, interviews, and laughter.
  2.  You can never laugh at your own mistakes enough.
  3. Authors and bloggers love a good party together.
  4. Guests look better in Armani, Oscar De La Renta, and other designers clothing.
  5. Champagne flows like champagne.
  6. You can never have enough trailers in a screening room.
  7. No one wants to the party to end.


The party began at 10:00 pm and the red carpet started filling up at about 9:30. There was crush at the auditorium door but everyone made it in safely. The ushers were able to get everyone seated just as the event began at Ten on the dot. With the awards being presented and the crowd’s participation, the party feeling was momentous.

Awards make the event even better: Here are the night’s events and their award.  Congratulations to all the winners!  You all looked amazing.

There was a lovely testimonial presentation after the prizes were awarded during four random drawings.  Thanks go out to all the generous donors of the books, eBooks, audiobooks and prizes.  Special thanks to the ones that took a moment to tell the organizers how much they enjoyed the week.  (all 11 days of it)

The finale was a short video featuring bloopers featuring the exhausted organizers and their not too brilliant decisions and antics.

If you are on Facebook check out the videos and the celebration at the group Mystery Thriller Week Annual Event.

MTW  daily winners

MTW author registration 2018

MTW Blogger / reviewer registration 2018

MTW Super Fan registration 2018 

Don’t worry MTW is not forgotten, it is in hibernation but will be sticking it’s dinosaur nose up on occasion. After all, this big boy is hard to keep under wraps.  I hope you had as much fun as I did and can not wait to be a part of it again.  The only thing missing from the party, was you.




Happy Thanksgiving From Me to You

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


To all my friends and dear sweet followers, I wish you the most amazing Thanksgiving holiday ever.  If you are not from America, I  want you to know that I am thankful that you are connected to me.

November is a special thankful month and I share this day with you all. Today I will be spending the day with some of my family and I will be equally missing the rest of my family that lives in other states.



#MTW Mystery Thriller Week is Growing! Join Us Now :)


October 23, 2016, Benjamin Thomas asked what I thought  about emulating  #ComedybookWeek  with an event for Mystery and Thriller books. I was excited about the idea. We began to brainstorm and the picture of this huge event started coming together. A multi-platform blow-out event with authors, bloggers, and other media people working together to support this genre. Benjamin procured the www.mysterythrillerweek.com site and we were off.

In just one day, we had several authors on board and a writing specialist willing to not just provide copies of her books, but provide a hands-on workshop for writers through the hour hosting project on Facebook. Rayne Hall has experience and is willing to share her knowledge live on Facebook.

Once we saw that there was genuine interest Benjamin recruited Sherrie Marshall onto the team. Sherrie was a great addition and has spearheaded some creative contest ideas for the week. She is working on the newest contest opportunity and is excited to be able to announce it very soon.

During planning meetings with those interested, we have come up with several contest themes and Andrew Christie and Jennifer Alderson are working together on those.

J. Schlenker has created a badge for the inaugural participants for posting on their blog and  websites.  It looks amazing on an email too.

charter-member-1       charter-member

What else is needed to make this a huge success? Fans, bloggers, more authors, aspiring mystery thriller writers, aspiring narrators, and anyone that wants to learn writing skills technique from the best. So if you were inspired by the groovy badges, the potential to win the amazing contest prizes, to meet favorite and new authors, then Mystery Thriller Week is the place to be in February. Now is the time to sign up to enjoy all the perks and opportunities.

We already have some hard hitters in the blogging community and would love to see you added to the list along with Bookish WormyThe Blithering Bibliomaniacs, The Suspense Is Thrilling Me and over 30 more.

Let’s get you signed up now! Official Sign up .

Once you are a participating author or specialist, you can choose an hour that is convenient for you and host your own Facebook event. Making it as special as you would like.  It is your moment in the spotlight.


We will promote it with you and send out invitations to  make it a success. Invite all your fans in to meet with you and find new readers and fans at the same time. fb-thumb

Fans , authors, bloggers, Instagram reviewers, YouTube Vloggers, and podcasters join in the fun on Facebook Group and like the Facebook Page.

I hope you are inspired to join us, blast out announcements of the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and personal blogs. Share this with all your fans and friends. Without each component, this will not be the success that it has the potential to be. Book reviewers check out the list of books available to read and review. There are audiobooks being provided by participating  authors and narrators like Jake Urry, the new voice in Thrillers and Mysteries.

Interviews are being scheduled and this could be your time to interview on of the almost 75 authors and specialists signed up thus far. Truly there is something for everyone. Feel free to ask questions. There is so much going on, it would take a massive blog post to cover it all.

I can’t wait to work with you all on #MTW!  mtw1clickhere








Also  bring your social media ideas for 10 days of Mystery and Thriller goodness. We want to hear everyone’s ideas and thoughts. This is all about you, Mystery Thriller writers, Join in and get involved!



An annual event that celebrates the Mystery, Thriller genre. Welcome to all writers, published or unpublished. The first annual Kickoff week begins Feb.12, 2017!

From February 12, 2017, until February 22, 2017, Authors, writers, bloggers, interviewers, and fans will unite to share the latest and greatest traditional and Indie mystery and thriller books available.


Anyone that writes, blogs, reads, loves, and promotes mystery and thriller books can join in the fun.  In order to make this a success, we need participation from people willing to provide books to reviewers, bloggers to review these books, as well as interviewers who will allow us to get to know these amazing writers. Fans we need you to join in the events and meet and support these writers.


The official website is www.mysterythrillerweek.com. Sign up there, keep up with the events and see who all is involved. Sign up as a writer or a blogger there are plenty of opportunities fro everyone.


Pass the word along to other bloggers and writers.   Tweet hashtag #mysterythrillerweek and get others involved.  We are excited to be bringing this event to life and look forward to working with you.

Join us for a planning meeting on November 3, 2017, on Facebook. Join in here.

Calling all Mystery & Thriller Authors, Bloggers, and Fans!


#MysteryThrillerWeek is being formally announced today. The 10-day event will begin on February 12 and run until February 22, 2017.  There will be author appearances on blogs, Facebook events. Book giveaways, reviews, and question and answer opportunities.

It is not too early to sign up and join this joint event to promote Authors of these genres. The planning has begun and all that is missing is you.

Authors:  Mystery, thriller, crime, true crime authors, fiction writers, this event is all about you. Sign up at the official Mystery Thriller Week site. There you will find  sign up sheets which will assure that your books and your brand are represented. Plan and host your own events live on the MysteryThrillerWeek Facebook page. Provide excerpts, giveaways, new releases, or write guest posts. If you are about to release your first novel, join us and build a fan base. This is the golden opportunity to get your name out in the public eye.  

Bloggers:  Sign up at the official Mystery Thriller Week site. Choose an author or authors that you want to work with through book reviews, interviews, cover reveals, and more. Be creative, make this event your own. Promote and encourage new readers, fans, and hesitant purchasers to get to know more about the authors. 

Fans:  Spread the news. Tweet #MysteryThrillerWeek often announcing the event and join in on as many events as you can.  This is the chance to share your ideas, chat with your favorite authors, and join us as we introduce new authors to you. 

Want to know more about the event? Head over to the official site , Goodreads group, or join  us on Facebook and learn what is in store for the fans of Mysteries and Thrillers. 

Remember to mention#MysteryThrillerWeek on Twitter and Facebook and get the momentum rolling.  If this sounds like something that you would like to participate in then contact us at mysterythrillerweek@gmail.com or leave a comment on the website or Facebook page.  We would love to hear from you and get you signed up!  Contact us for more ideas and more support in this event.  Benjamin Thomas and I are here for you and look forward to having many others join in. 




WordPress Anniversary today!


7 Years


Seven years ago I found WordPress and I signed up. I had heard about blogs, but I had no true grasp of what they were. Nonetheless, I signed up. I posted 2 poems that I had written a couple of years before and had posted on my domain site, TontoCreations.

TontoCreations  was a fun place for me to write poetry, short stories, and colorful birthday pages to my family. A place to learn HTML and practice it on an unsuspecting family. In 2008 when I let that name domain go, I nosedived. It was a terrible time, an uncertain time and a time of fear. It was also a time of hiding. I did not want anyone to know I was sick. I tried to hide it. It was no use. I wasn’t able to function. Everyone knew I loved to write, create, and now I was not able to.  It was the elephant in the room. No one mentioned it yet, it was not to be overlooked.

I was in the process of getting sick that year. I was not functioning well at all and I was not able to focus enough to write, read or do my job. Especially no reading,  no  magazines, no books, no Bible, No reading at all. The words made me physically ill and I couldn’t understand the words.  It became obvious, Phoenix, we have a problem.

I was one sick puppy. Finding this website in 2009 made me feel that I could perhaps I could become active, alive and interested again. I had two poems from the TontoCreations days that I shared one on that day and one a few days later, after that, I never returned. It had not worked. I was breaking apart. Seven years ago next month I wrote my first book. I was becoming sicker and sicker as I wrote. That NoNoWriMo 2009 product was the last thing I wrote. I would get much sicker before I began to get better.

Everyone in Phoenix witnessed my decline. There was no more hiding the fact. Unable to work, unable to function in society or even in my own home  in 2010 I gave up my broken life in Arizona and relocated to my daughter’s house in Kentucky. For a year, I struggled, fought, and clung to the hope for a normal and happy life. It was not looking good even in a new state. I had brought my illness with me. It was not environmental I realized. It was internal.My life should have been good now. All three of my children were in the same state. I was with all my grandchildren. I expected miracles that never materialized. I was clinging to hope that I could find peace in writing, I began to write a new story in November 2011 during NaNoWriMo. I was able to write 50,000 words. I began to believe in hope.

I made a doctors appointment in October with a new and different type of doctor and saw her the first time in December. I had dreams of getting better. Until I had a personally devastating loss on December 2,2011 and I was once again unable to write. I again was broken and unable to function after only one month of writing. That NaNoWriMo 2011 story is lost and I suppose I am ok with that.

I saw  a new doctor for the first time the week of Christmas, December of 2011. She said she thought she knew what was wrong. She began to work with me to make me better, to make me come back to life. I have been working on coming back to life since that first appointment. I had to make some hard decisions and face some terrible truths. I struggled to regain joy and happiness. I struggled and lost myself into a pit of emptiness and numbness.I wasn’t living now, I was only breathing. Yet she continued to work with me, seeking answers trying various methods, encouraging me back to health.

The tide turned in December 2014, my sister and brother gave me a trip to see them in the Pacific Northwest. It was lovely to see them, but hard to hear that they could see the emptiness. I was a shell now and they saw it.They not only saw it they individually called me on it.  I visited, laughed, remembered silly memories, I listened to them, and longed to fight. I wanted to come back to life, my real life.

My sister gave me some reading glasses and a book and I was surprised to find I was able to read and enjoy a small book on the airplane from Washington to Kentucky.


I stumbled through that one book which took almost 5 hours to read. I finished the book on the plane and I picked up another book from my dusty bookcase as soon as I arrived home. I read it in four hours. It had been 6 years since I was able to read anything. Unable to find joy in words, to lose myself in reading. I began to hope I was going to be better. I knew I would not be well. Knowing that I would not be sick and miserable and cut off from reading made me feel hopeful for the first time in years.

May 2015, I had been reading the books in my bookcase for almost five months. I requested a library card and began to frequent the stacks picking up some of my favorite authors from the eighties and nineties, from an earlier time in which I enjoyed reading.

icon_goodreads_01   I remembered finding Goodreads in 2012, so I  returned, three years later and began documenting my books. In June, I began writing simple reviews. Letting me know what I had found interesting or good about a book. It found that I loved writing small simple reviews. I also liked the feeling of people liking my reviews. So I took more time with them. Added more feeling to the reviews and including what emotions the book created in me. I began to take pride in my reviews. I wanted the books to be loved by others as they were by me. It might only be fifty or one hundred words, but I was actually writing.

Last October 20, 2015, I was given a nice happy anniversary note from WordPress and decided to check it out, again. I found my abandoned poems and I posted a review of a book I had just finished reading. I wrote a few more reviews over the next few weeks and I was hooked.

It has been a fun year, with plenty of changes about how I write and what I write on here. Maybe now you understand why I was back home a year before telling about my Alaskan cruise. I long to share the beauty that is out in the world. The beauty of words, and the joy I find in discovery. I can’t stop writing. I am like a waterfall, words are flowing by the ton over my keyboard, and I find the beauty in it. The words are healing, perhaps they aren’t curative, but they are healing.

Life is funny, it takes you on twists and turns and sometimes you realize you have been going in a circle. From writing to mute, and back to writing.

One year later. I am still here. Writing, enjoying writing and totally engrossed in my daily life of writing, blogging and more writing.  It is a good place to be. I am finding joy in reading and writing. I may still struggle with the other aspects of life, but I have found joy and a lot of amazing and fun people, here on The Page Turner. Thank you for sharing my year!

I hope we share more funny moments, a lot more books, likes, comments, happiness, announcements,and visits. This is my story. I only share it with you. I do not share it on Facebook or other social places. I want my friends to know me, and to understand my journey.

Thank you for showing me love. I have felt your love and friendship and I give it right back to you.