Arizona and Japan, So Close Yet, So Far Apart!

If you have ever read my about me page, or you know me from out in the world, then you know I lived in Arizona for ten years. I moved there on New Years night 2000 and I left for Kentucky in July 2010.

One of the things that impressed me so much while living in Arizona was the pride of the Japanese Americans that flew their flags so proudly. They flew them over car dealerships, they flew them at Mom and Pop stores. They seemed to be everywhere. That beautiful rising sun shone brightly over Phoenix.


It was only when I had changed jobs in 2006 that I noticed even the banks and credit unions flew the Japanese Rising Sun flag. I didn’t understand this.  Even Bank of America and other national banks flew the Japanese flag.

In the land of she thinks she knows so much, it is acceptable to ask questions without fear. Everyone has questions, don’t they?

So a few days after starting, I marched into my brand new Manager’s office and asked her directly. “Why does the credit union fly the Japanese flag? In orientation, they said the founders of the Credit Union were schoolteachers, women that had lived here all their lives? I also noticed that they were not Japanese?”

“What? What do you mean?” She looked genuinely confused.

I  pointed out her window at the flag that was vibrantly flapping in the breeze and said. “The flag, the Japanese flag, why do they have it up here?”

Arizona Flag

“Vicki, that is the Arizona state flag, not the Japanese flag.”

Arazona's not flag

I simply turned around, left her office, and went back to my desk. Sure, I heard her laughing, I just chose to ignore it.  I never mentioned it again. I did have a little song running through my brain. You know the one, it involves feeling like a nut.

Bet you can’t tell when candy bar I felt like that day.

Want to make me feel better and share your “knows so much” story?