AudioBook Review: The Comfort of Black by Carter Wilson

The Comfort of BlackThe Comfort of Black by Carter Wilson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was my first book by Carter Wilson and I now want to read more of his work. I do not usually read Thrillers, but I am drawn to psychological thrillers. This was perfectly executed. I was hooked right from the first chapter.

The Comfort of Black from Audible is just a whirlpool of emotions. Hannah had always had struggle in her life, first an abusive father Billy. It was a long time ago that she took desperate measures with him. Then she found love. For eight years she had thought they were happily married. Now her marriage seemed to be falling apart and was based on lies. Words that Dallin had mumbled in his sleep set her on a search for the truth abut him. Something was wrong, it was unexpected and she was fighting for truth. Maybe she had inherited something from Billy that might be helpful.

During a kidnapping attempt Black stepped in. Could she trust him? Could she trust anyone? She was not sure of anything any more. It is intense and full of conflicting emotion. Black is not telling her anything about himself and Hannah is not happy with that arrangement.

So much detail made it bring the story to life. The story line has pulled me in and kept me involved and intrigued. Twisting back and forth like a roller coaster, You never know what is going to happen next, nothing is as it seems.

The narration was amazing in the Audio book. The voices were individualized and were easily identifiable. My first occasion to hear Rebecca Roberts as a narrator and she is very good. Her men’s voices are also really great. The inflection and the feelings were right there for me to hear and it totally added to the intensity. Just a great audio book.

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