Book Review: Story of a Secret Heart by Cassi Ellen

Story of a Secret HeartStory of a Secret Heart by Cassi Ellen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reading the book, Story of a Secret Heart was a unique read for me. The topic was not of your typical romance, mystery, or regular non-fiction genre. I liked the style and I liked the way the story unfolded. I was intrigued by the book, about Cassi, a woman that was not quite in control. In fact, she was most of the time, quite out of control. I know the story is true and so that makes it even more intriguing. I did think she might have drank and partied to excess and I worried about her health.

She is so well traveled and experienced. Even though I felt that she made some kind of flighty and dangerous decisions, I was following everything up until the last sentence. Then I was floored. I did not see the end coming.

Some of her escapades border on dangerous and I suppose the twenty somethings and the thirty somethings do live like that more than they did when I was thirty. The writing was not graphic or uncomfortable to read, but the situations Cassie found herself in were, a bit over the top for me. But I am older than Cassi and of a different mindset.

But the way it was presented was interesting and kept me reading. Really isn’t that what a book is supposed to do. Cassi is a fun, lively, sometimes confident and interesting person and she certainly lived in this book. I shared her pain at the first of the book. To be cheated on and dumped by Guy, a long term boyfriend is a painful event. Then to find Ben, a totally different type of man from Guy. Ben was a man that is totally interested, obsessed and possessive about her. I was happy for her.

Some of her adventures were way out of the norm from what I assume goes on in relationships, but again, I am old school. From that point on I worried about her throughout the rest of the book.

I can’t resist saying that I totally want to read what happens next. Now that I have come to grips with that last sentence. It is a funny, rocky, totally interesting and emotional book. Cassi also has an adorable relationship with her cat that I loved reading about. I also loved reading the quotes at the end of each chapter. They were prefect for the chapter and they were very enlightening. I can recommend it as a well written story that will really keep you involved. As I said, I am ready for book two.

The book is available on Kindle and through KindleUnlimited on Amazon

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