Getting Rather Excited about the Season of the Christmas Novel!

About this time every year a favorite occurrence happens.  Christmas books come out for me to read. Last year I read about 45 during the Christmas season. It was wonderful. It might not have been snowing in Kentucky, but there were plenty of blizzards in many small towns across the genre.

There were wishes, hopes, magic, Santa’s, and really cute families, all coming together with love and the spirit of the season.  Oh, yes! I am ready to start all over again, with a fresh new batch of Christmas novels. This is the season for the time travel, Christmas novels, mail order bride, Christmas novellas, second chances at love, Christmas stories, Returning home to find an old love waiting, Christmas tales, and new twists on the Santa Legend. Whatever the setting, I am ready with my hot chocolate and my notepad. Let’s get ready for some holiday reviews.

So here is wishing you all a happy Halloween and a joyous welcome to the Christmas novel season. I have already picked up a few to get me started.  If you have any favorites, then comment below, I will attempt to find it and get it on the read list. As always December will include Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, The Polar Express,  and The Night before Christmas. There are some things you just have to do to  make the season bright.

Enjoy November, I will be reading and reviewing as I participate in NanoWriMo.

Stationary Book Tag


Today, I was surprised to be tagged and so  I am busy completing the Stationary Book Tag! Thank you, Jasmine, at How Useful It Is for tagging me! Her blog is a great mix of awards and really well-written book reviews. She has an impressive amount of book reviews on her blog. You should check her blog out.

Also, thank you RiverMooseReads for creating this awesome tag! Her blog is also a nice mix of book reviews and book tags.


The Rules:

  • Thank the creator: Sam @ RiverMooseReads
  • Answer the questions.
  • Add pictures! (If you want to)
  • Tag (about) 5 people.


Pencils || Favorite MG or children’s book


The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Pens || A basic staple for any reader


Great Expectations, is a book every library should have. It is emotionally charged and wonderfully told. Want to see a review on this wonderful book? Here is mine.

Notebooks || What books do you own multiple copies of


The  Harry Potter Series .. I have the entire collection in paperback and hardback.

Markers || A book with a beautiful cover


I am reading this now and I am loving this cover. I will have my review up in a day or two.

Glue || Two characters that work well together even if they aren’t together

Hansel and Gretel, Otherwise known as drawing a blank.

Scissors || What book would you like to destroy

I can find something worthwhile in a book, even if it seems like it was written by high school students. That was my harshest review comment and it still haunts me that I was so hard.

Art kit || What completed series do you own


The Dark Spell series by Michelle Escamilla. wonderful series. Want to read a review on this series? Here is mine



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Book Review: Classics Edition: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Great ExpectationsGreat Expectations by Charles Dickens

  • Paperback: 322 pages
  • Publisher: Wisehouse Classics (April 3, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9176372375
  • ISBN-13: 978-9176372371
  • My Rating:

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    My Review:

    I have read this several times and seen several versions of the movie. The book always wins with me. The book always captures the heart of Pip. Pip and his heart are what make this story so beautiful. The story of the young boy’s, tender, heart being captured by Estella. Not aware that Miss Haversham was raising Estella to punish men in the way she felt she had been punished. Pip starts the story as a sweet giving boy that befriends an escaping convict. Another opportunity for us to witness Pip’s generosity.

    The child named Pip that doesn’t understand Miss Haversham’s cruel aversion to males. He doesn’t know her past that made her into the cruel woman she is. He can only see Estella as a beauty and he loves her to distraction.

    I found myself drawn to the almost animated coldness in her history. Her stopping life at the stroke of eight forty-five​. Living daily with the day that changed her life.

    I fell in love with this book as a Freshman in high school and I have continued to re-read it as often as possible. It is a book I have in hardback and one I will never part with. It sits in a place of honor in my bookcase.

    This book has so much to offer the reader. There is a morality to it that shows genuine kindness and utter cruelty. This is one of Dickens’ best work to me. There is such a deep lesson to be learned from this book. It is a thing of beauty. Truly worth​ being called a classic.


    If you read it in High School and thought​ it was ho-hum​, give it a chance as an adult and see if you can’t see the moral and the beauty of the book. There are several versions for free on Amazon. Now is an awesome time to check out the classics and fall in love again.

    Where to Find Great Expectations: