Authors Choose Your Hour For This #MysteryThrillerWeek Showcase!



Shine Mystery Thriller Experts Shine!

Mystery Thriller Expert Hour  is a live interactive hosting event that will run 24 hours a day during the #MysteryThrillerWeek. The events start February 12, 2017, and will conclude at midnight February 22, 2017. Choose the date and time that you want to shine.

Authors personally share your new book, book cover, book trailer, answer questions from your fans. This is your hour to promote your book. Hold a live chat, make a video and present it live during your hour. The floor is yours to do with as you choose.

Publishing experts can mentor  unpublished writers with hints and tips on getting published. Instruction on self-publishing as well as tips on finding an editor, agent, or publisher. Editing mentoring or your very own brand of special instruction. This is an opportunity for you to help those with what you know.

Unpublished writers share your work and build an audience. Mystery and thriller readers that are all looking for new writers to chill them and entertain them in their favorite genre. This is a golden chance to be “discovered.”

If you are daring, choose several different dates and times. Meet new readers, hold contests, give away some swag.

Sign up while there are time slots available!…/1_HgCvLw6Bg8-WdLaThggIRQ3qK…/edit…

As this is a Facebook Platform, you will need a Facebook account in order to host and participate. This is the perfect time to join the Facebook revolution if you have not already.  For more information on the #mysteryThrillerWeek, go to the official website and learn more about the opportunities. Then sign up.

Beloved reviewers, I have not forgotten you, check out the recent books for review page. This is how you can find those mystery and thriller books to review for #MysteryThrillerWeek.




Calling all Mystery & Thriller Authors, Bloggers, and Fans!


#MysteryThrillerWeek is being formally announced today. The 10-day event will begin on February 12 and run until February 22, 2017.  There will be author appearances on blogs, Facebook events. Book giveaways, reviews, and question and answer opportunities.

It is not too early to sign up and join this joint event to promote Authors of these genres. The planning has begun and all that is missing is you.

Authors:  Mystery, thriller, crime, true crime authors, fiction writers, this event is all about you. Sign up at the official Mystery Thriller Week site. There you will find  sign up sheets which will assure that your books and your brand are represented. Plan and host your own events live on the MysteryThrillerWeek Facebook page. Provide excerpts, giveaways, new releases, or write guest posts. If you are about to release your first novel, join us and build a fan base. This is the golden opportunity to get your name out in the public eye.  

Bloggers:  Sign up at the official Mystery Thriller Week site. Choose an author or authors that you want to work with through book reviews, interviews, cover reveals, and more. Be creative, make this event your own. Promote and encourage new readers, fans, and hesitant purchasers to get to know more about the authors. 

Fans:  Spread the news. Tweet #MysteryThrillerWeek often announcing the event and join in on as many events as you can.  This is the chance to share your ideas, chat with your favorite authors, and join us as we introduce new authors to you. 

Want to know more about the event? Head over to the official site , Goodreads group, or join  us on Facebook and learn what is in store for the fans of Mysteries and Thrillers. 

Remember to mention#MysteryThrillerWeek on Twitter and Facebook and get the momentum rolling.  If this sounds like something that you would like to participate in then contact us at or leave a comment on the website or Facebook page.  We would love to hear from you and get you signed up!  Contact us for more ideas and more support in this event.  Benjamin Thomas and I are here for you and look forward to having many others join in. 




Book Review: Nightmare in Nantucket, by Hope Callaghan

Nightmare in Nantucket (Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series Book 14)Nightmare in Nantucket by Hope Callaghan

  • Print Length: 292 pages
  • Publication Date: October 2, 2016
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01LXF55VT
  • My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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    Book Review: New Release Sweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries Series by Hope Callaghan

    Sweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries Series: 12 Book Box SetSweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries Series: 12 Book Box Set by Hope Callaghan
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    Sweet Southern Sleuths cozy Mystery Series is just a great collection of short stories that feature Loretta and Lacy Sweet. They are brought to the town of Misery Mississippi. After the death of a distance Aunt, they have inherited a home and a little side business. In book one they find a body in one of the trailers they now own and that begins their sleuthing adventures. Did I mention that they have the knack for solving mysteries?

    In the best most fun and laughable way they solve these mysteries. There is also Uncle Ichabod and he always adds to the mix nicely. I absolutely love the southern names of the characters. No matter how odd, they are genuinely southern. I even know someone named Vernice.

    These 12 stories are really a fun read and a really great collection.
    Book 1 is Teepees & Trailer Parks,
    Book 2 is Bag of Bones,
    Book 3 is Southern Stalker,
    Book 4 is Two Settle the Score,
    Book 5 Killer Road Trip,
    Book 6 is Pups in Peril,
    Book 7 is Dying to Get Married,
    Book 8 is Deadly Drive-In,
    Book 9 is Secrets of a Stranger,
    Book 10 is Library Lockdown,
    Book 11 is Vandals & Vigilantes,
    Book 12 is Fatal Frolic.

    The police even have noticed the sisters pinchon for finding bodies. There are small town mobsters and the police (especially Phil) are active and interesting to Loretta and Lacy. These mysteries are well written and fun to read. I loved being able to read twelve stories one after another.

    I enjoy the way Hope Callaghan writes. She writes so that you keep up with the mystery and still are surprised at the end result. These 12 stories are perfect for a quick read following the lives of the Sweet sisters.

    The box set of the Sweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries is available through Kindle Unlimited and as a Kindle Edition on Amazon

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    New Release Book Review: Forget me Knot by Hope Callaghan

    Forget Me Knot (Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series Book 13)Forget Me Knot by Hope Callaghan
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    This is another book in the Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series and it is good. As always it is a fun adventure when Gloria and the Garden Girls get involved in a mystery. This is such a delightful mystery. With Brian suffering from amnesia due to a recent attack in town the girls have more invested in solving this mystery. I feel so badly for Andrea and Brian.

    The couple was happily planning their wedding until he is conked on the head. Once that happens he has amnesia. Not only that, but he is feeling pressured to remember by Andrea. He asks her to step back. Poor Andrea.

    There are two women that are competing to revive his memory with home made remedies. The remedies are not easy to stomach so the women are making things worse. It is such a fun filled cute book.

    A great fun read from Hope. She does mysteries like no one else. They are wholesome and just out and out fun. I am a huge fan of Hope Callaghan and her amazing mystery solver, Gloria . This is a new release and it is easy to read as a stand alone.

    The characters of course are developing in each book, but each book is easily read without knowing all of their history. But I would say that if you like this book, you will love the series. It is easy to love if you ask me.

    Hope Callaghan is from Michigan and writes several different series that are equally enjoyable. She lives in Florida now with her husband. Hope writes the Garden Girls mysteries, The Cruise Ship Christian Cozy Series and the Sweet Southern Sleuths Mysteries. You can contact her at Hope

    Forget me Knot by Hope Callaghan is available in both Paperback and on Kindle. It is available through KindleUnlimited at Amazon

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