First Week of Writing the New Book

It has not even  been a full week since I started on a new book. Lets break it down. Shall we?  Before day one, a writer friend of mine on Goodreads named J sent me a message and said, “Vicki get writing” So with that bit of encouragement I decided, I would!

Day One, I sat looking at the Word screen thinking, First word, first word, first word. That went on for about six hours. Alternating looking at Word and Richard Armitage I started thinking about my day and suddenly a picture formed in my head.

Desktop Word

Quickly I typed it into the page and realized, I liked it. I liked the colors and the pictures that it was drawing.  So I added a little more, then a person came to me.  Yes, I knew this person, She was easy to picture as well.  So I set about introducing her.

Next thing I knew, it was six a.m.Time for people to stat milling about the house getting ready for work and school.  I had been writing all night.  I felt great, energized even.  I had written about two thousand words and I had a clear idea of this story.

This was the first major writing I have done in quite a while. I write book reviews and love writing them.  Nothing pleases me more than sharing good books with people. But this was different in my head. It felt good.

Day Two, I sat at the keyboard and picked right up.  Everything was coming freely and smoothly until one character asked the other a question.  Suddenly everything was quiet, blank, stark white in my head.  Oh No! No, No, No, This can’t be happening.  I don’t know the answer.  The character sat in his chair staring into space while I thought and thought of an answer.  He sat there staring for two days. Two days of me staring at him as we both ruminated on the question.  That one darn innocent question.

Day four, I sat down fresh from a full night’s sleep. Coffee in my cup doing it’s job by bringing my sleepy brain to life.  I opened Word pulled up my story and took a big deep breath.  I opened a new tab on the browser and brought up Goodreads.  That seemed like the perfect thing to do. I started chatting with a friend.  I broke down admitting I was stuck. Stuck at 3462 words.

We chatted and I started describing my dilemma. He asked a few questions which made me think about the character. He asked his name and then let me know the origin of that last name. It was brilliant.  He mentioned that the name of the character could be Swedish or Norwegian and that they were usually farmers or ranchers.  We talked on for a while then suddenly I knew, I just knew who he was and what he did. heck I even knew where he lived and what his house looked like. I had my answer. I had more than my answer, I suddenly with clarity knew his history. It was like a light turning on in my brain. I looked over at the word document and began writing again.

My character stopped staring and animatedly started telling his story.  It was a huge Aha moment.   He talked so much I was thinking that this story would take place in one setting,  in one sitting.  I finally had to make him stop talking and let someone else speak. It was lovely.  I realized that I was ready for chapter two and I was satisfied with this day’s work.

Day five,  A research and writing day and it felt good to know what direction this story was heading. If there is one thing I love, it is research. So this was a fun filled day of gathering information. Chapter two flew onto the screen, the plot was beginning to take shape and I realized I had only written for three days, but I had worked on this project for a full five days.

After a long dry creative spell this was like a full body massage with delicious smelling lotions. It was invigorating and satisfying. I felt very alive and excited with this new phase of writing.  Now chapter three is coming along, introducing more of the story one word at a time and I realized, I needed to read a book and write a review.  So I did without guilt, and at 7964 words, I have to admit that all is well with my world this week.




On the Run (Big Mike and Minnie) by Susan Amanda Kelly

On the Run (Big Mike and Minnie #1)On the Run by Susan Amanda Kelly
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just loved Big Mike and Minnie. Minerva was raised by a family that headed a biker gang in California. Minnie lived in New York. She was in her way to being a super model. Her family wanted her back in Cali and were not taking no for answer. So what does a promising super model do? She runs for NYC any way she can.

Trouble soon catches up to her at the airport. That is when she meets Big Mike. Trouble continues to follow her so she and Michael have some crazy tricky maneuvers to escape them. It is funny exciting and as sexy as all get out.

Minnie does not want to be bossed around. How can Mike get her to do what is best for her? It is a balancing act that becomes even more difficult when rival gangs get in an uproar.

There are some over the top hilariously funny scenes. They make the book even better. There is the elevator scene that was just priceless. Minnie is trying to salvage her potential supermodel career and stay safe at the same time. Big Mike doesn’t realize just what a quick thinker Minnie is. He will come to find out she is a force to be reckoned with.

Susan Amanda Kelly has written one great book. The characters are so alive and real and the adventures are all within the realm of possibility. This book is totally worth picking up and reading. Now I want the second book. There are no cliff hangers but I did not want the story to end.

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Book Review: Shizzle, Inc by Ana Spoke

Shizzle, Inc (Isa Maxwell, #1)Shizzle, Inc by Ana Spoke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Isabella Maxwell, Isa, for short, was ready to graduate from community college when her world flipped upside down. She had her future all planned out and then, Flip.

While looking at all her options, she stumbled upon an advertisement for a position that seemed to answer all her hopes for stardom. As luck would have it, Isa was able to fast talk, double talk her way into the position at Shizzle, Inc.

Even though her life is in chaos she bumbles along using all her tricky thoughts and ideas to do her job. She even uses some fuzzy ideas and help from her dad. Mr. Hue is ready to take her under his wing and she is trying to stay with him.

Situations keep cropping up that make her life even more crazy and she just bumbles along. Isa tries to help her parents with their situation and she just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

This is one of my most favorite lines in this book.
“With his messed up hair and bulging eyes, he looked like Jack Nicholson from The Shining. I half expected him to bust out in “Here’s Johnny!”

As she attempts to help stop a huge problem from turning any more ugly she gets even more deeply over her head. Oh this woman is crazy and I loved reading about her. She is a wonderful colorful character.

Yes, the whole book is just that crazy. I can truly say I have laughed from page one and I am still laughing (even as I second guess her actions and thoughts) throughout the last chapter.

This is really a great story. I am so thankful that I won this book. It made me laugh and cringe and everything a good story should. Five stars for this book and I eagerly anticipate the follow up book.

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Book Review: Playing for Keeps by R. L. Mathewson

Playing for Keeps (Neighbor from Hell, #1)Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Playing for Keeps was a hilarious story about a neighbor from hell, that kept me laughing the entire book. Jason Bradford is so funny. He is a man that is seriously addicted to food. He only thinks about food unless he is thinking about Haley. He amazes his friends that he can eat as much junk as he does and remain so fit. He also judges someone else in his family for the same traits. That scene alone was so funny.

Jason and Haley have had a volatile relationship from the very beginning. She considers him truly the neighbor from hell. Their word play and mannerisms are just one of the things that made this such an enjoyable and tense read. There were moments when you just felt for one or the other as they misspoke or mistrusted one another. There are some very charming scenes as they become closer to each other. It was a pleasure seeing the changes that they both went through with the help of the other.

The extended families were one one side harsh and not pleasant to be around and on the other side, hilariously unobservant.

This was the first book I have read by R. L. Mathewson and I will be reading more from her. I loved the characters and the personalities that made them so unique.

I really loved the way the story wrapped up, it was exciting to read how Haley decided to take a stand for what she wanted. She is very funny and he was so unbending. It was great!

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Book Reviews: Two Books by Georgette Heyer

The Convenient MarriageThe Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was the Audio-book of The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer. Narrated by Richard Armitage. He did the voices of each character and did a wonderful job.

The story is exciting and full of trickery, misdeeds and plenty of comedy. I wanted to feel sorry for Horatia, which they call Horry, but she is just a mess. She keeps walking into situations that seem shady. She even acknowledges that they seem shady. Her husband Earl of Rule seems to be a very understanding man. He is certainly given plenty of opportunities to blow his stack.

Truth was, he was finding her quite intriguing to him. She was looking at him in a different way too and she was too afraid that she had caused too much problems for the Earl. She is a bit immature, but she is likable once she starts to worry about her husband for a change. There is also her brother, the Viscount. He is rather weak and when he tries to help, look out. So much humor is in this story. I loved it.

The talent of Ms. Heyer as well as the talent of Richard Armitage made this a wonderful experience. This is my first Audio book and my first book by this author. I will happily look for more books by Georgette Heyer.

It totally earned all five stars.

April LadyApril Lady by Georgette Heyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lady Nell Cardross is the main character that actually has been in love with her husband since she first met him. The Earl her husband likewise had fallen in love with Nell upon first meeting her. His family has decided to tarnish his feelings by putting a bug in his ear that she only married him for his fortune.

Dysart Nell’s brother had taken full advantage of the Earl’s fortune so that had lent credence to that unpleasant theory. Dysart has few redeeming qualities. He might be charming to women, but he is a bit shiftless and a user. He was very free with his bad advice to his sister.

Lettie the Earl’s sister was also willing to pass along her own bad advice. It was a bit annoying that Nell listened to everyone but her own common sense. Lettie has her own drama unfolding throughout the entire book. Again, she makes bad and unexpected decisions.

The story has humor and a sweetness that comes through. Nell has been persuaded by her mother to question the Earl’s reasons for marrying her. All this doubt on both Nell and the Earl keeps both parties in a turmoil. It is a very entertaining book that keeps you wondering how all this is going to turn out. It is a very good read. Highly enjoyable!

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Review for Coming Unclued

Coming UncluedComing Unclued by Judith Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book had me laughing all the way through. The middle aged lady Valerie was so off the wall funny. Even when she was hiding from the police because they believed she had stabbed her boss, she was hilarious.

Her friends Julie and Rose added to the comedy. There were scenes that had me laughing out loud while reading. I even read a few scenes out loud to my daughter to explain why I was cackling.

There is a murder and Val is accused of the crime. She found herself in a locked apartment with the dead body after attending the office Christmas party and getting plastered. She has no memory of the evening after a few drinks. There is no one to give her an alibi so she and her friends are forced to look for the killer themselves.

There are disguises that you would not believe given to her so that she can escape the notice of the police. If you want a funny read that has some pretty decent mystery solving involved, then this book is for you.

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Book Review: Love Me Sweet by Tracy Brogan

Love Me Sweet (Bell Harbor, #3)Love Me Sweet by Tracy Brogan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Delaney Masterson is part of a reality TV family. Her parents are famous and so everyone wants to know how they live their day to day life. Delaney’s ex from about 6 years back decides to release a sex tape that she never new existed.

Running from the press that has hounded her and accused her of releasing the tape herself for publicity. She ends up in Bell Harbor Michigan. Not only that but, she ends up in this northern town right as the polar vortex decided to rear it’s freezing head.

Renting a house to hide for the next little while she pays in cash to the landlady in order to keep her identity a secret. Signing her name on the rental agreement, it is misread as Elaine Masters, so she runs with it. It will be easy for her to use that name while hiding away. From this point she introduces herself with this name.

Grant Connelly has problems on the set of his own reality show and decides it is time to head back home. His brother is getting married and he feels it is time to go back to Michigan. Back to the house his Grandfather left him upon his death.

Grant and Delaney meet and find themselves thrown together by circumstances beyond their control. They decide to share the house in question for a while until they can sort out the details as to who belongs where.

With twists and turns that involve Delaney’s money being stolen and Grant’s mother going missing they set out for the south to intercept the money. Each time Grant asks questions, Delaney lies to keep him from finding out who she really is. She does not want to tell him about her family and her sex tape since he does not recognize her.

While driving in the snow they have an accident that sets them up to meet some very colorful characters. They continue to head south while the snow continues to fall. The polar vortex is dipping south bringing so much snow that travel is increasingly dangerous.

Spending time together while traveling means that Delaney thinks about coming clean to Grant and telling him the truth about her identity. She keeps letting little hiccups stop her from confessing. Arriving in Memphis, the couple has an opportunity to get to know one another even better while in a Elvis styled hotel. Their traveling companions bring so much comedy to the mix that the entire trip is a funny adventure.

The tension Delaney feels becomes palpable as they search for the missing money. With her lies and half truths she keeps delaying telling him who she is and fears his inevitable discovery.

This is a funny, interesting and exciting book. The characters are really fun and well developed. There is not a dull character in the book. Tracy Brogan really does bring characters and dialog to life.

I won this book and I am so glad that I did! It was an awesome book! There is so much more to this book that you just have to read to believe. It is hilarious!

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